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Synonyms for self-evident



Synonyms for self-evident

evident without proof or argument

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However, in my view, her attempt to escape what is conceived as the immanent violence of every "theory" and enter the safe haven of the self-evidence of the oppressed or abstracted nihilism does not represent any anti-elitism or alternative spiritual power.
A full color catalogue with an essay The Last American: Sol LeWitt's Self-Evidence by Dave Hickey will be published on the occasion of the show.
But our self-evidence will not stand up in any court of law, or even, it seems, in the court of public opinion, in part because "minority consumers have imperfect information about how their white counterparts are treated.
The author asserts that we live in an age of technology, and that technology's self-evidence has freed it from the need to justify itself, which in turn makes the justification of the humanities necessary.
Thus, Jefferson's Declaration, which so ably exposed the imperial threats to colonial self-rule, also affirmed the self-evidence of Lockean natural rights.
For example, the culturally taken for granted assumption that a mere promise of marriage releases a woman from the moral requirements of chastity is only glancingly alluded to in Tirso de Molina's play but explored exhaustively in lawsuits over broken promises to marry, thus creating a discursive "silence" in literature which stems not from repression but from conspicuous self-evidence.
It is not merely that Shils conflates an axiological claim about the self-evident value of life with the moral (or quasi-moral or moral-religious) claim about its self-evident sacredness, it is also, and more importantly, that Shils relies on an unsophisticated understanding of "self-evidence" (the sacredness of life "is the most primordial of experiences") that leaves his proposition entirely vulnerable to Kleinig's charge, namely, that appeals to self-evidence "display .
With an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), Ironworks for eBPCS provided the simplicity and self-evidence necessary to ensure rapid adoption.
Unable to accept a radically Cartesian principle of fundamentum inconcussum based on the self-evidence of the cogito, Newman viewed metaphysics as a conditional science "a basic activity of mind, [in] the pursuit of Knowledge for its own sake, by which the relations between disciplines [are] examined and developed rationally.
They are more concerned with the complexities than the self-evidence of what is often referred to quit vaguely as Enlightenment culture.
Koons is, of course, one of the artists--one of the few artists--for whom, in any pure or immediate sense the oft-used designation neo-Pop has a certain self-evidence.
But he also argues insightfully on lofty though hardly esoteric issues such as the origin and function of law, practical and public reason, the nature of the good, free choice, self-evidence, absolute moral norms, the common good, and international government.
It offers examples of self-evidence phenomena, including statements such as "any thing is something," "sourness is not a color," and "anything that is square is extended.
Stascha Rohmer's 'The Self-Evidence of Civilization' sees Whitehead's later work as the final fruition of his earlier efforts.
14), 2001, in the smaller of the gallery's two rooms, but the subject of the work was the larger space; the artist's stated intention was to animate it by taking away the perfection and self-evidence of this light-filled, typically modernist white cube.