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Synonyms for enhancement

Synonyms for enhancement

something added to another for embellishment or completion

Synonyms for enhancement

an improvement that makes something more agreeable


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This identification with fellow fans as opposed to one's actual team can be of value when the need for self-esteem enhancement is not achieved through one's team's success (Branscombe & Warm, 1994).
One such intervention is by Dalgas-Pelish (2006) who designed a self-esteem enhancement intervention in school children in fifth and sixth grades.
The study aims were (1) To examine the effect of participation in a self-esteem enhancement program (SEEP) on the self-esteem scores of 5th and 6th grade elementary school children, and (2) To identify relationships of self-esteem scores with selected antecedent variables that are assumed to be linked to the development of self-esteem in children.
The qualitative results of this study suggest that an important component of middle school career interventions is self-esteem enhancement.
The Healthy Kids Mentoring Program, designed for fourth-grade students at a Midwestern suburban public school, consisted of four components: 1) relationship building, 2) self-esteem enhancement, 3) goal setting, and 4) academic assistance (tutoring).
An empirical investigation of self-esteem enhancement in a high-school challenge service-learning program.
While each service-learning approach presented opportunities of expanding student experience, the differences in self-esteem enhancement hinged on student age, the feature of the program, and the community support.
Indeed, black students enrolled in Afrocentric educational programs receive a full-course diet in self-esteem enhancement, all of it positioned on the shaky theoretical ground that injecting racial pride into black children will help them overcome obstacles to academic success.
He suggests, instead, that agencies and professionals working in HIV prevention with gay men focus on preaching monogamy, avoidance of anal sex, disclosure of HIV serostattis to partners, and self-esteem enhancement.