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Synonyms for self-esteem

Synonyms for self-esteem

a sense of one's own dignity or worth

Synonyms for self-esteem

a feeling of pride in yourself


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Keywords: Self-esteem, Eunuchs, Hazara division, Pakistan, Snowball.
One of the most extensively studied constructs refers to a discrete instinctive assessment of a person's own sense of value allied to self-esteem.
Various studies focussed on the prevalence of self-esteem among male and female genders, but literature on interconnection of demographics with self-esteem of eunuchs is insufficient.
Keywords: older adults, self-esteem, coping style, loneliness, mental health.
In this study, we defined self-esteem as relating to confidence, adjustment, and a belief in oneself.
According to a study done by Ae-Na Choi, Myeong Soo Lee, and Jung-Sook Lee (2010) at the Department of Music Therapy at Daejeon University, music intervention helped elevate self-esteem in children with violent behavior problems.
d) The Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale: The Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSES) by Rosenberg, M.
For nearly half a century, self-esteem (1) has been viewed as the psychologist's ".
Yet, despite the profusion of studies, self-esteem has proved to be an elusive and surprisingly porous vessel, rife with a plethora of conceptual and methodological fissures.
Objective: To assess the self-esteem and affecting socio demographic factors among the soldiers deployed at high altitude.
Self-esteem was assessed using the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSES).
The current research was aimed to investigate the relationship between narcissism, self-esteem and aggression.
Authority, low emotional distress, and high self-esteem are linked to grandiosity where as High emotional distress and low self-esteem is related to vulnerability.
Self-esteem has been linked to almost every aspect of people's lives including their leadership aspirations.
Self-esteem has been defined as "the individual's positive or negative attitude toward the self as a totality" (Rosenberg, Schooler, Schoenbach, & Rosenberg, 1995, p.