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constituted by or established by itself

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The main insects observed on the cowpea flowers from the self-established (Experimental) farm during the major rainy season in 2006 were beetles and bees such as Apis mellifera adansoni (Hymenoptera: Apidae), Ceratina sp (Hymenoptera: Apidae; Xylocopinae), Megachile sp (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae; Megachilinae), Xylocopa calens (Hymenoptera: Apidae; Xylocopinae), Xylocopa imitator (Hymenoptera: Apidae; Xylocopinae), Brausepis sp.
Therefore, many bookbinders are self-learners or came to the handicraft from relevant professions, such as a curriership or graphic arts," the self-established handicraftsman reveals to The Baltic Times.
In addition, backhaul and interconnect will be automatically configured, and QoS should be self-established and autonomously optimized.
Also present at Toronto's Gay Pride Parade was Brent Hawkes, self-appointed leader (so-called senior pastor) of the Metropolitan Community so-called Church, a self-established enterprise with no connection to true Christianity.
It's simple: the Justice report looked at how agencies are doing relative to self-established bureaucratic goals.
More participating districts and charters reported meeting their self-established goals in Year 2, and statewide grade-level proficiency rates increased slightly for grades 1 and 3.
Kodak recently reported that it is on-track to meet its self-established goals for domestic spending with diverse suppliers.
I'm sure they won't be disturbed by Friday's classical event and Sunday's even earlier finish, so in all honesty, why can this self-established Coventry Unplugged group not just keep its peace for one day out of 365?
Those include scams to sell worthless documents to immigrants, sell worthless trusts to the elderly, promise legal services that were never delivered, cause harm by providing poor services, and even one group that granted divorces in its self-established "court.
An FSA official said the improvement indicates the government will be able to achieve its self-established target of halving the ratio to the 4% level in fiscal 2004 through March 31, 2005.
Since the self is self-established or self-evident (svatahsiddha), yoga is not required in any way to make it present to the seeker.
Some companies, like Brownhills-based foundry plc Castings, have longstanding, self-established ties with their overseas markets.
Advancements in electronics are also continuing as technologies for shrinking the size of devices and integrating systems continues to exceed the industry's self-established roadmap.
Then we can release the second album into a self-established market.
But after all the fanfare and advanced publicity, Project Independence's failure to meet its objective sends one of two messages to Congress: 1) The public is precisely as apathetic about campaign finance as reform opponents claim, or 2) Common Cause is too disorganized to meet a self-established -- albeit ambitious -- goal for collecting signatures, much less pose a serious political threat to legislators who don't champion reform.