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of self-imposed enclosure or confinement

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This analysis partly explains the use of "ellipse" in Ameriks's title: on his reading, the massive body of Kant's mature work is but the elongated though self-enclosed path from these initial commitments through the arc of transcendental philosophy and the fact of reason to their final ideal articulation in a practical-dogmatic metaphysics and religion.
As a major Turkish sociologist wrote years ago, if the political system fails to create a social contract, Turkey is likely to become a nesting place of various self-enclosed nations, like the secular nation and the religious nation.
He argues that Moritz takes Goethe's idea of the "transformative instant" (Augenblick) and freezes it to capture the sense that art actually provides a self-enclosed space of refuge from modernity's incessant upheaval.
Outside the rear garden is accessed through the front gate and is fully self-enclosed, paved and benefits from a rear access gate.
This structuring would lead the subject to define himself or herself as a self-enclosed and independent entity, in strict opposition to the other(s) through violent negation, suppression, colonisation and appropriation.
Although he is known for his evocations of childhood, of family and community, and of Ireland's difficult twentieth-century history, these themes inform one another so that we view the personal through the communal, and the singular self is poignantly present but never egotistical or self-enclosed.
The city of Sarajevo as an example of self-enclosed political construct, unfolds the argument.
Dr Harry Leach, from the School of Environmental Sciences, who was part of the international team working on the research, said: "The study took place in a self-enclosed eddy which acted as a giant test tube so we could compare what happened within it with control points outside.
Coun Robinson said: "Golden Acres is a lovely self-enclosed street, but some residents had been complaining about nuisance callers.
The tour is housed on a self-enclosed site named after "Potter" author J.
The purpose of reading is thus not epistemic (augmentation of knowledge), but rather it is moral and inter-subjective, as opposed to solipsistic and self-enclosed (ego-logical, as Levinas would have it).
Samels said the veterinary school is a self-enclosed university in a rural part of town that owns all of the nearby property.
The New York Times book critic Michiko Kakutani once described Spark's formula: "Take a self-enclosed community (of writers, schoolgirls, nuns, rich people, etc.
Rather, Israeli leaders have resisted plausible peace ideas because a large and hardened minority, perhaps a third of Jewish Israelis, regards peace as an end to the divinely self-enclosed way of life they have established in and around Jerusalem.
The self-enclosed advertising system has been provided by the OnBoard Media Group, an Atlanta-based aviation media company.