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Synonyms for self-effacing

not forward but reticent or reserved in manner

Synonyms for self-effacing

reluctant to draw attention to yourself

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A surprisingly traditional mix of card tricks, illusion and set pieces - self-effacing magician Dynamo, who is performing at the ECHO arena until Sunday night
Millar surveys the Harrison's work and finds him to have been a well-grounded architect who worked hard and seems to have been a self-effacing man.
In his debut feature, "Vincent," director-performer Thomas Salvador completely upends the genre, crafting a film as self-effacing as its protag (played by the helmer himself), in which a man gains inhuman strength when he comes in contact with water.
He was so self-effacing when he said the excellent Low Riders were not his band but he was their singer.
The finish, too, is mild and self-effacing, with a little pop of white pepper right at the end.
I know the 24-year-old has a lovely pregnant girlfriend and I'm an old mare a few furlongs short of the full course, but who can resist the self-effacing charms of the lad who went from zero to hero in the space of nine minutes?
Nay in the last 600 years whoever in religious or secular domains has ever fallen a victim to a self-inflicted, self-effacing martyr's sword to die (fade out from public gaze) without dying, only to joyfully endure unending pangs of a living martyrdom?
Stanley was a slightly shy, self-effacing family man, but nevertheless a man's man and most definitely a soldier's soldier.
The self-effacing comic, who draws her material from her own life - no matter how tragic - casts a funny light on being single in this stand-up show from last year.
They are renowned (although it is undoubtedly more fiction than fact) for being proud, stubborn, argumentative, blunt, self-effacing and more rough and ready around the edges than is traditionally the norm.
This satirical volume on hipster design highlights key features of the modernist living space providing witty analysis and biting yet self-effacing commentary on the ridiculousness of modern style.
Just enough of the self-effacing to a point that it's comfortable for other people but also totally charming and engaging to where he makes you feel special.
The guitarist's spokesman, Mick Houghton said: "He was always very self-effacing and critical adulation was completely irrelevant to him."
Recently, this had led many to think that Virtue ethical theories are self-effacing the way some claim consequentialist and deontological theories are.