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Synonyms for self-effacing

not forward but reticent or reserved in manner

Synonyms for self-effacing

reluctant to draw attention to yourself

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A surprisingly traditional mix of card tricks, illusion and set pieces - self-effacing magician Dynamo, who is performing at the ECHO arena until Sunday night
Will the next Pope be as self-effacing or more self-effacing, not too young or not too old as the present one to help focus all eyes on JESUS who occupied no high throne nor clung to any imperial man-made title, power, position, possession, glitter and glory of externals but lived as one among a community of brothers, sisters, friends and well wishers, all equals irrespective of their class, caste, creed or gender, still drew all eyes on Himself?
He is self-effacing, down-to-earth, forthright when the occasion requires it and a zealous supporter of not just his home county's cuisine but good quality fare in general.
Recently, this had led many to think that Virtue ethical theories are self-effacing the way some claim consequentialist and deontological theories are.
Not only does she perform all the old favourites, tell stories and crack a few self-effacing jokes, she also asks the audience's opinion on lots of things.
Noddy and Roger still aren't over Big Hair wars of '74, for example, while Sting and Bob can't stop arguing about which one has done the most to help the Third World in the most self-effacing and low-key manner possible.
The video balances the band's straight-up heavy metal sensibility with a sense of whimsy and self-effacing humor, with the Olympians beating the band at curling and then seizing the spotlight.
A packed Birmingham Town Hall heard OOTS in baroque mode on Wednesday, and enjoyed the contributions of conductor David Curtis in pre-concert conversation and onstage introductions - appreciating his self-effacing absence from the platform in two Bach Brandenburg Concertos.
It was self-effacing humour - and it was important because if we'd got down and downtrodden, it could all have turned out a lot worse.
It was self-effacing humour - and it was important, because if we'd got down and down-trodden it could all have turned out a lot worse.
Given the repeated demands by co-owner Tom Hicks for Parry's (right) resignation, the Anfield chief executive's self-effacing humour was well appreciated.
Real love has a self-effacing quality, which is more aware of its own shortcomings than it is of its merits.
Wolfe paid for his victory with his life; since then he has been enshrined in paintings, praised for his military genius and self-effacing modesty, and reviled by revisionist historians who paint him as bloodthirsty and snooty.
Pervy as that may sound, O'Toole brings such tenderness, understanding and self-effacing hilarity to the role that you can't help but feel for the naughty old geezer.
The understated and self-effacing Woodruff was referring to the Atlanta School, an alliance he developed among black artists in the 1940s, which flourished into national activities, among them an annual art exhibit.