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Synonyms for self-effacement

reserve in speech, behavior, or dress

Synonyms for self-effacement

withdrawing into the background


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Yet, for its adherence to rom-com tropes, Trainwreck is laced with sufficient biting wit and self-effacement to drink The Hangover and its crude imitators under the table - and seal victory with a rousing belch.
This rhetoric, as she sees it, aspires to carve out a symbolic space in which the audience can mimic the speaker's apparent self-effacement, one that serves as the precondition for the attainment of their new, Fascist identity.
The septuagenarian director provides an exhaustive but exuberant film-by-film account of a career spanning nearly half a century in Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow's delicious documentary portrait--skimping neither on candid self-effacement nor irreverent wit as he recalls such professional triumphs as "Carrie," such dispiriting misfires as "Mission to Mars," and the wealth of knowledge gained and opportunities lost in between.
But despite active PR machinery that makes ghaf planting about the planter rather than the need to plant, and despite the lack of self-effacement on the part of these companies, fact remains we need more ghaf.
The contrast between these two men symbolizes a broader shift from a culture of self-effacement, which says, "I'm no better than anybody else and nobody is better than me,'' to a culture of self-expression, which says, "Look at what I've accomplished.
2) The guy has knack for self-effacement, for handing over the authorship of his films to his collaborators.
THIS week's esteemed PISH award (Prattling Inane, Senseless Haverings) is on the way to that wee modicum of self-effacement, Kanye West.
its self-effacement is just today and sleepwalkers Walk to work or
Callie's self-effacement balances with fortitude to create a likable person.
The landscapes of paint tesserae--systematically applied but electric in effect--were inimitably dabbed with a brush or knife, and in cresting these litanies of humble self-effacement, Goldfarb developed a palette of keen, highly personal refinement.
Activists should approach the people with whom they hope to act, in a spirit of humility and self-effacement.
Finally, Wasson's easygoing demeanor and midwestern self-effacement helped to sooth and smooth those ancient asperities between Walgreens and the complex world of community pharmacy that have been traditionally separated by size and a level of accomplishment.
But she belonged to a generation where self-effacement, rectitude, service and reticence were guiding principles and she observed these all her life.
what she painted and drew, Martin reinvigorated intentionality, not as self-absorption, but as an "ethical" self-effacement that acknowledged an "Other" (165).