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the process of educating yourself

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The Institute became popular for its special educational-scientific approach based on advanced lecturing techniques, multimedia approach, motivation tools, self-education, but also having the only laboratory of this kind in the region.
The first group--treats the attitudes to the use of electronic technologies for different forms of training, self-education and evaluation of the acquired knowledge.
Libraries are used by people of all social classes and all walks of life, but have always played an important role in working class self-education and emancipation.
People in lower economic classes can still be a part of shaping the food landscape through choices and self-education.
The effects of self-improvement were reflected in the report of 2012 published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication (gParticipation Rate in Learning Self-Education and Training by Sex Usual Economic Activity and Ageh) which states that in 2012 around 35.
If your knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects is shaky, take control of your self-education and tackle a do-it-yourself space science project.
The best method to achieving optimum health is self-education because even within healthy food there are varying levels of health effects.
So he advocated for self-education, tools that can be controlled by their users, and practices of self-healing.
Tahrir Academy is one such entity that has taken self-education and self-empowerment to the web with the power of video.
Self-education, an eye for opportunity, and the ability to innovate is quite simply the universal formula for lasting success and wealth.
Lincoln Corners are named after Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States, and a symbol of freedom and self-education.
The library service is fantastic because it offers working people access to a wide range of knowledge for self-education and for access to computers for research, job seeking and benefit advice etc.
Teaching all mineworkers their rights As a symbol of illumination, the miner's lamp also represents the strong tradition of self-education of the South Wales miners.
I BELIEVE Hindley's attempt to transform herself by self-education was another cynical ploy to win her freedom.
It seems certain policy makers in Ankara believe that as the paternal figure of the region, Turkey has the right and duty to "give a lesson" to this naughty boy; whereas Palestine knows that what Israel needs is what it itself needs; a dialogically conditioned process of self-education for a peaceful future in which two states will have to cooperate on almost every critical issue relating to human life.