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used of nonindulgent persons

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Results also show that girls are emotionally more secured and are more self-disciplined as compared to boys.
In order to temper one's speech according to these instructions of the Buddha, we must be very self-disciplined.
Contrary to the grim picture Kohn paints of the self-disciplined child, Mischel and his colleagues found that the number of seconds a young child could wait in this situation predicted not only SAT scores, but also emotional coping skills in adolescence (Mischel, Shoda, and Rodriguez 1989).
Good critical thinkers clearly formulate vital questions and problems, gather and assess relevant information, come to well-reasoned conclusions, test their conclusions against relevant criteria and standards, think open-mindedly, communicate effectively, and are self-directed and self-disciplined (Browne & Freeman, 2000; Elder & Paul, 2002).
Youngsters between 12 and 17 who are subject to court orders are learning to control their behaviour and be more self-disciplined, through boxing.
You've got to be self-disciplined, make yourself do things that you don't want to do.
Just as smart and eager as their more self-disciplined predecessors, they also are more laid back, steeped in pop culture, and in many ways more sophisticated.
The band have formed an editorial committee which will reportedly be headed by the most self-disciplined member, Charlie Watts.
The one cultural claim that Whorton does repeatedly make is that industrial people more readily embraced easy answers to the problem of constipation and avoided the difficult, but more appropriate, approach of self-disciplined alteration of their lifestyles.