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Synonyms for self-discipline



Synonyms for self-discipline

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Self-discipline is what allows you to stand when inside all you want to do is run.
It does indeed demand discipline as a route to self-discipline, but it can become a valuable part of our economic system, paying sensible wages and signing contracts to achieve targets.
He added: "They have to have the self-discipline to learn the trick and think it through and look at it from someone else's perspective.
In essence the two sides collaborate with each other to distract their members from the more demanding aspects of their mutual calling: the study, the self-discipline, the deep inwardness of committed religious thinking and practice.
Darren, who founded Solo Martial Arts five years ago, stressed that although it is good physical exercise, the three successful students also had to learn a lot more than just kicks and punches ( including self-discipline, focus and setting clear goals.
The natural outcome has been the disintegration of self-discipline, leaving children increasingly self-absorbed, undisciplined, insecure, bored and unhappy.
Though acts of self-mortification can include practices like selflessness or self-discipline in one's work, numeraries wear a cilice, a spiked chain around their upper thigh, for two hours a day and also hit themselves on the back with a knotted cord, a practice called "the discipline," which was once common in some forms of Catholic piety.
Conversely, the self-discipline of the athletes has gone way down and I contribute that to the deterioration of the family.
Peace, order and self-discipline characterized the demonstrations in Kiev's Independence Square against the result of a blatantly rigged election.
The most important step is the last, the self-discipline, and this is usually where an organization fails, or most importantly, where top management fails in maintaining this program.
With an impressive emphasis on self-discipline and the need for training the practitioner's own will, High Magick covers all of the major facets of high magick including "The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram", sigil magick, ritual magick, visualization, the "Greater Ritual of the Pentagram", planetary magick, tools of the magician, talisman work, mantra magick, money magick, magickal paradigms, chaos and cyber magick.
McGuffee believes several aspects of his martial arts training have made him a better wrestler, particularly developing balance, hip control and self-discipline.
Help the Student Recognize the Many Benefits of Music Making and Study: experiencing the emotional bond with the music; finding the connection from the fingers to the heart; knowing that music study "grows the brain" and helps a student develop skills (concentration, time-management, problem solving, self-discipline, patience and poise, to name only a few) for a lifetime of success in any field; help the student recognize he is really knowledgeable about music and has developed refined listening skills.
Attention to detail and self-discipline are a couple of important self-imposed actions required while working on the flight line.