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(of persons) free from external control and constraint in e

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The latest self-directed investor survey, released Thursday, finds that the average level of customer satisfaction improved slightly from a year ago, to 779 out of 1,000.
We are committed to offering one of the most competitive values for self-directed investors in the online brokerage industry today," stated Marsco CEO Mark Kadison.
It is unclear whether a plan sponsor has an obligation to monitor all of the investment vehicles in the very large universe made available in a self-directed account.
Sites like YouTube, Skillfeed, Instructables, Makezine and DIY Network, and hundreds more, are taking advantage of a grassroots-type movement happening across the world: the movement toward self-directed learning.
Fraud promoters can misrepresent the responsibilities of self-directed IRA custodians to deceive investors into believing that their investments are legitimate or protected against losses," said William Beatty, NASAA president and Washington securities director.
She explains what a writing workshop is, its key elements, misconceptions about self-directed learning, the qualities of self-directed learners, and the benefits of this learning, then describes how to create a physical environment conducive to self-directed writing; create rituals and routines that keep the goal of self-directed learners at the forefront; scaffold instruction so all students can be successful; plan a yearlong curriculum and units of study with a focus on self-direction; craft lessons, conferences, and small-group work; and share sessions that teach new content and guide self-direction.
Commenting on the acquisition, chief executive officer Theresa Fette said it will expand Providenta[euro](tm)s own self-directed IRA footprint.
Four key components of self-directed support include participant control, participant responsibility, participant choice, and avoidance of conflict of interest (Cook et al.
The Boston-based research firm found that more women are also opening self-directed accounts.
The study is further bounded by the additional works of Grow's (1991) self-directed learning theory, and Knowles' (1980) andragogy theory.
Yvonne Stewart, Development Manager Self-Directed Support, Alzheimer Scotland
6 for the self-directed intervention, compared with 0.
However, one type of IRA could be of particular interest to business people who have accumulated a lifetime of experience and knowledge in a particular industry: self-directed IRAs.
A prominent construct that emerged out of the adult education literature in the 1960s is self-directed learning.
This research considers how professional participants in a non-formal self-directed learning environment (NFSDL) made use of self-directed learning activities in a blended face-to-face and on line learning professional development course.