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lysis of plant or animal tissue by an internal process


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This in turn can increase the pressure inside the pancreatic duct and activate proteases within the pancreas, causing self-digestion, damage, and pancreatitis.
Perlmutter and his colleagues treated an ATZ cell line with carbamazepine and found that it could enhance a natural cellular pathway called autophagy, or self-digestion.
It may seem that all that is required to restore an organism to health is to halt the process of self-digestion.
To activate autophagy, the process of self-digestion by a cell, is the crucial discovery of the research, according to Tsai adding that autophagy activators rescue and alleviate pathogensis of a mouse model with protein pathies of the TAR DNA-binding protein 43 (TDP-43), a neuronal activity, which is the main syndrome of FTLD.
While they are powerful killers of some breast cancer cells, new drugs called histone deacetylase inhibitors, or HDAC inhibitors, also increase self-digestion, or autophagy, in surviving, mega-stressed cells.