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dangerous to yourself or your interests


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In light of these findings, suicide research and prevention programs may need to tackle a much broader variety of self-destructive behavior than they have typically considered, the researchers contend in the Jan.
But well-organized and well-educated local activists working to preserve their own watersheds might be able to effectively resist the regressive and self-destructive policies that are originating in corporate boardrooms and that are controlling the legislative agenda via campaign contributions.
It is all the more surprising, then, that Busto, taken in perhaps by her fascination with the sport, omitted any reference to its macho, self-destructive aspect, discussed so astutely by Joyce Carol Oates in On Boxing (1987).
Circumstances lead to Sean's fluffing this strapping object of desire and obsessive love, but Johnny turns out to be not only gay-for-pay but a self-destructive, reckless vanity case, trying to stay afloat despite a pregnant stripper girlfriend (Roxanne Day) and worsening drug habits.
Cole's thesis, that Marlowe's innovation lies in his dramatization of a self-destructive mindscape, is either inaccurate or critically aloof, since Charles Segal makes a similar claim for the Younger Seneca.
This finding could someday improve transplantation outcomes and mediate self-destructive autoimmune diseases.
He remembers the dangers, as all of us do--the ghetto riots and the escalating war, the lies and rationalizations of the Government, the self-destructive rage of the radical Left.
Pink Sheets:LKRV) announced today that it is preparing to impact yet another sector of the recovery community by launching intervention services for alcoholism, drug addiction and other self-destructive behaviors, such as eating, gambling and sexual disorders.
Everyone expects me to behave badly, anyways,'' he says with no small measure of self-pity, laying off his self-destructive behavior on others.
This would mean reconstructing all human associations and institutions to accommodate people whose sense of identity is defined by a dysgenic, self-destructive vice.
Unfortunately, the second act goes on to overexplain everything the audience has already gleaned, turning the characters into one-note types: the hypocritical failed artist, the greedy art dealer, the self-destructive fag.
s "very self-destructive, self-flagellating" vision of the Chinese diaspora that shaped his own.
Of 395 participants in the study, 167 suffered from manic depression or, in a small number of cases, recurring depression without mania (periods of elation and frenzied, sometimes self-destructive activity).
Ashley Judd gives one of her very best performances as hard-working, self-destructive Lucy (Ashley Judd), a southern small-town woman struggling with a personal life that has been reduced to a spiral of drunken one-night stands.
For MPAC, which wants to present itself to the community as a moderate and reasonable voice, this kind of heated rhetoric is, frankly, self-destructive.