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Yes, the laws of self- preservation and of self-destruction are equally powerful in this world.
So I continued to drink, and to keep a sharp eye on John Barleycorn, resolved to resist all future suggestions of self-destruction.
More than once in the dark hours when the thought of self-destruction comes to a desperate woman, the image of my poor devoted friend, left to suffer alone, rose in my mind and restrained me.
I don't know much of the psychology of self-destruction.
All men who have made diseases of the mind their study, know perfectly well that such extreme depression and despair as will change the whole character, and beat down all its powers of elasticity and self-resistance, may be at work within a man, and yet stop short of self-destruction.
delivery of antihail missiles with ranges of fields at the point of self-destruction in "x" 6000-6500 m elevation at 55 and 0 meters above sea level;
They also developed a radio-controlled trigger that could remotely activate self-destruction.
With "Ship To Wreck,'' Florence and the Machine singer Florence Welch manages to convey a convincing sense of self-destruction.
TOKYO, Nov 21 (KUNA) -- South Korea warned North Korea to stop provocations against Seoul on Friday, saying they would eventually lead to the North's self-destruction, Yonhap News Agency reported.
According to Dauti, they show that the whole Muslim world has been taken hold of by a self-destruction syndrome that is apparently here to stay for a long time to come.
Theresa Brockway was superb as the increasingly desperate Lady Macbeth driving her husband first to greatness then on to self-destruction capturing precisely the neurosis which grows from a delusion of grandeur into the mal-de-deux that brings her world crashing down.
In reality Dupuy is taking on both fundamentalists and atheists, such as Richard Dawkins, to show the reader that they are in the same camp, all violent, as are the rest of us who think that we can grab onto science and technology to alter the path to self-destruction that humanity is now on.
Tales of self-destruction themselves are often not fun to watch, but it's because you see the two things at the same time - you see the poetry and everything that was greatest about him at the same time as you're seeing him destroy himself.
The man - who read his own victim impact statement at Mold Crown Court - said Martyn Tucker had set him on a path of self-hatred and self-destruction.
Trescothick did edge Patel to slip, then Somerset conjured up a crazy piece of self-destruction minutes before the close.