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do away with oneself or itself


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Self-destruct commands are installed in the system of UAVs in an attempt to prevent enemies from seizing the vehicles in the event of a loss of control.
Senders also can select from several visual effects to appear when the IM self-destructs.
Crowds gathered to watch the Nelson Street billboard's digital clock countdown the last few seconds to 6pm on Sunday July 22nd - the deadline set for the billboard to self-destruct.
Anderson Cancer Center in Houston packaged a self-destruct gene inside microscopic bubbles called liposomes.
Why do we conclude Iraq will self-destruct if we leave?
For example, musicians can send a once-viewable video of a song, or videos that are time sensitive can be set to self-destruct at a specific time or day.
Owner Vladimir Romanov (left) seems to be constantly griping about something and, when you do that, it can be like pressing a self-destruct button.
Buyers had little patience for the engine's poor fuel economy, ordinary performance (0-60 mph took almost 13 seconds thanks to the lack of torque and lazy semiautomatic three-speed), thirst for oil (a lot of it found its way past the rotor seals, a problem--in smaller proportions--to this day for rotary engines), and its propensity to self-destruct.
The US Army has recently been busying itself with the testing and certification of a variety of self-destruct fuze (SDF) products.
The problem, experts say, is that poorly managed self-directed IRAs can self-destruct.
MUCH has been written this week about Paul Gascoigne, the terrible demons which haunt him and the obvious self-destruct comparisons with the life of George Best.
The Clinton Administration made small steps in the direction of banning land mines but insisted it must continue using "dumb mines" (which do not self-destruct after a period of time) until the year 2006, safely beyond Clinton's Presidency.
This is regeneration, after all--a version of Extreme Makeover in which people not only self-destruct but can be rebuilt, like the figure in Boy who lies on a table receiving a new head, or the one in Twin Parts, who stockpiles alternate body parts.
If they fail to hit their target, they will self-destruct out of harm's way.