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a feeling of being of little worth

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In the bivariate analysis, however, there was correlation between hierarchy and self-depreciation.
France coach Marc Lievremont fired the opening salvo in the phoney war as soon Ireland has been disposed of at Lansdowne Road, adopting a unconvincing line in self-depreciation in the process.
Ignorant of a history that has an enormous potential to extricate us from our state of self-depreciation, we continue to be a victim of this crime.
Apt examples here would be the self-glorification and self-depreciation (depending on the artist's mood) of Martin Kippenberger, Maurizio Cattelan, and Urs Fischer.
Renowned voice actor Grover Gardner narrates the sardonic lawyer with just the right amount of self-depreciation.
Such genuine modesty and self-depreciation is a refreshing quality in the modern day footballer, though Duffy is well aware he is not the only member of the squad who has helped put Newington a full head and shoulders beyond any other Premier Section team in the goalscoring charts.
He was articulate, intelligent, modest and has a nice line in self-depreciation.
Maddy has previously suggested that the televised coverage of Twenty20 has done much to enhance his reputation but on this evidence such self-depreciation is misplaced.
For example, the authors have identified 5 levels of passive-aggressive behavior: temporary compliance, intentional inefficiency, letting a problem escalate, hidden but conscious revenge, and self-depreciation or pathological passive-aggressive behaviors.
Yet the gentle self-depreciation hides an intensity which has guided Ireland to another World Cup and has marked their manager down as one of the brightest brains in the game.
A low self-concept, which some groups may have because of historical circumstances and internalized oppression, may lead to fatalism, to self-depreciation, to thinking that the American way is the best and only way, or to seeking comfort in the safety of their own place, without mixing with others.
His verse barely concealed the sense of self-depreciation that was overwhelming him.
He sees in the children the classic characteristics of the oppressed: fatalistic attitudes, self-depreciation, self-distrust, and magical belief in the power of the oppressor.
Big Ideas" mantra is a masterwork of self-depreciation as defense; of idiocy as ideology.
And I think that he himself, for all the satiric self-depreciation he practised, knew that he was one of the giants of English fiction.