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the act of defending yourself

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97) Although not further defined in the original versions of the SROE, imminence was generally understood to reflect the standard of ad bellum anticipatory self-defense derived from the Caroline case--that a threat must be "instant, overwhelming, leaving no choice of means, and no moment of deliberation"; a standard that was generally understood to limit self-defense to immediate threats.
In this connection, it is proposed to amend the Article 36 on self-defense, thus abolishing criminal responsibility of those who cause harm, as a self-defense, to health of a person who illegally invades their house.
We are responding with anti-aircraft fire," a spokesman for self-defense forces told reporters, Voice of Russia reported.
Emerging research on self-defense training is finding that these classes are very effective in preventing sexual assault.
He shares his knowledge in Teen Self Defense, a handbook of self-defense techniques created especially to help teach teenagers and young adults.
The ongoing violent dispute between self-defense militias and the drug-trafficking organization Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar) in Michoacan state has escalated in recent weeks, and the presence of the Army and federal police appears to have worsened the situation.
Jewish law appears to present an approach far more complex than what may be gleaned at first blush, weaving together two parallel and complementary realms: on the level of theoretical law, Jewish law maintains complete proportionality between the severity of the assault and the measure of self-defense employed to repel it, and as a result limits the permissibility of killing a rapist in self-defense.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has taken another step toward allowing Japan to exercise the right to collective self-defense, causing concern in Japan and neighboring countries.
military officials Monday praised the amphibious capabilities and joint interoperability of Japan's Self-Defense Forces participating in Dawn Blitz 2013 exercises this month in Southern California.
This right, often called "unit self-defense," is recognized by militaries around the world and serves as a key element of militaries' Rules of Engagement (ROE).
The legal dimensions of the multinational force assembled for the 1990-91 war on Iraq resonated for Mori with constitutional debates in Japan at the time about self-defense and collective security, so he began investigating the notion of self-defence in international law.
The man argued that the trial court erred by refusing to submit a self-defense instruction.
Summary: Beijing [China], August 20 (ANI): North Korea has accused Japan of building a cyberspace attack force in its military for attacking the computer systems of rival countries, under the pretext of self-defense.
Thus, States did very likely not want to support a broad right to self-defense, allowing the use of force by a State on the territory of another State in reaction to occurring or future armed attacks by a local non-State actor, when those States did not explicitly object to the recourse to force against the IS on the territory of Syria.
These laws remove the duty to retreat before using force, including deadly force, in self-defense.