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the process of educating yourself

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In chapters 2 through 5 Gordon explores the four main aspects of eros, which emerge in the context of the self-cultivation required to achieve the return our original noetic state.
An exemplary student, CiCi was kicked out from school because of her belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, the guiding principle of the traditional Chinese self-cultivation practice Falun Gong.
Aside from pursuit of virtue and self-cultivation, another junzi ideal that the women truly embraced was education.
Men have unrealized potential for self-cultivation, self-direction, self-understanding, and creativity.
As such, Li takes this familiar Buddhist phrase and notion but employs it as part of his self-cultivation scheme.
Each section explores the same set of questions and issues: the origins of Confucianism in the region, Confucianism's relationship to culturally specific modes of self-cultivation, its social impact, and political roles it serves.
Viewing Falun Gong as the repository of Chinese civilization's millennia-long history of self-cultivation technologies, and the Chinese Communist Party as the enemy of that history and of its modern incarnation in Falun Dafa, practitioners of Chinese descent around the world may find their identities are reinforced as the standard-bearers of traditional Chinese culture, struggling against forces that would see that culture destroyed.
Do officers need more exposure to what Germans call Bildung, the intellectual self-cultivation of civic values and the riches of our civilization?
Where I initially looked at Zen as a tool to help my martial arts, I've come to see the martial arts as a path to self-cultivation," he added.
The rigors of classical training fit the Confucian value of self-cultivation through self-discipline.
The last few chapters explain how Daoist followers employ these concepts through, for example, self-cultivation.
In pre-Qin China, methods of self-cultivation (xiushen; literally, "correction of the self") were frequently a key feature of philosophical treatises, and the problem of combating one's predisposition towards poor spiritual health was prominent in discussions about the proper care of the self.
Center for Sacred Sciences - Matthew Sieradski, spiritual teacher and director of the Green Phoenix Institute, presents "The Mystical Symbolism of the Green Phoenix: Healing, Self-Cultivation and Awakening" at 11 a.
People might as well worry more about their self-cultivation.