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Quite clearly, however, the human being's brain is also a self-contradiction.
There is nothing wrong with looking to history for lessons, but it is another thing entirely to eschew its complexities, ignore its self-contradictions and render it, instead, as a morality play.
However, they all display a striking homogeneity in their shared attention to the tensions and inherent self-contradictions that appear in nearly every aspect of Ware's graphic corpus.
In so doing, asserts Duff, the authors were modeling real self-divisions, for the awareness of genre in Romanticism is tantamount to a particular kind of self-consciousness, with genre serving as one resource for the expressive mind, which of necessity contains self-divisions and self-contradictions.
This situation is a much bigger bomb' than the Greek crisis and brings to light the self-contradictions of Europe's decision makers, warns Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts (Greens-EFA), a member of the EP's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON).
takes the hitherto un-thought of approach of looking at atheism, not from the perspective of its own criticisms of religion, but by applying that very same criticism to atheism itself, pointing up and analyzing its own inconsistencies and internal self-contradictions.
Furthermore, Figueroa notes that Cesaire's struggle with his own self-contradictions brings him closer to contemporary critics such as Homi Bhabha and Gayatri Spivak.
Kyung Wan Lee (Korea University) argued that Tolstoy's attitudes toward modernity are more ambiguous, not uncharacteristic, given the self-contradictions evident elsewhere in the writer's work.
STAN Solomons' letter (Ideas for town centre, Mailbag, Wednesday) contains so many self-contradictions and so much misinformation that it hardly warrants a reply, save for 'so what' if my wife has to visit 14 shops.
As for the assertion of misquotation: We purposefully included Hoch's "message of the play" speech in its entirety as a sidebar to the article to give the reader a fuller picture of the ironies and self-contradictions contained in the performance.
For example, she points to the self-contradictions of rock groups that speak about empowerment but offer child-like images of women and Nike [TM] ads ("If you let me play sports .
She argues that self-contradictions in the Eve/Mary relationship and a number of other oppositional relationships (such as flesh/spirit and male/female) create and complicate meaning.
Crucially, self-contradictions in the Diamond Sutra are apparently not tangential, much less merely ornamental.
The only sense in which it is so is in the fact that it is consistent with the Charter's self-contradictions.
In addition, this novel relativizes and renders problematic the centrality of the male word by means of its self-contradictions and through body language, particularly the language of the female body.