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Synonyms for self-confident

Synonyms for self-confident

having a firm belief in one's own powers

Synonyms for self-confident

showing poise and confidence in your own worth


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Patients whose income was less than their expenditure obtained significantly high scores from the FCS (p<0.01), its personal control (p<0.01), and belief in chance (p<0.05) subscales, and from the PSI (p<0.01) and its thoughtful approach (p<0.05), avoidance approach (p<0.01), evaluative approach (p<0.05), and self-confident approach (p<0.01), and the PSI planned approach (p<0.05).
Greig Laidlaw is self-confident, chippy, can kick goals and has good tactical acumenRoger Uttley
The 42-year-old mum-of-two says she feels more self-confident than ever - which is why she was happy to show off her curves in this revealing photoshoot for this month's Closer magazine.
Behind the scenes, the ladies, ambassadors for their countries, were scared deep inside, although they managed to appear self-confident. They also behaved in a very decent way, one of the crucial factors for success in this exciting competition.
Die Welt newspaper wrote that Turkish people welcomed President Gul in Osnabruck with a great enthusiasm by waving Turkish and German flags while Frankfurter Rundschau daily described Turkish president as a "self-confident statesman" in an article titled "Foreign Ally of Europe".
"By pampering them, I'm making them look and feel better and helping them to be more self-confident."
Morocco, a country of proud and self-confident people, will never go down on its knees, he said.
"The ruling parties are not self-confident, they are not confident in the government's concept which is perilous for them but for the country as well," said Imer Selmani, leader of ND.
"Unleashing the Power of Parental Love: 4 Steps to Raising Joyful & Self-Confident Kids" is a guide for parents that gives them the most simple and profound advice they can have in raising happy children--the power of letting them know they are loved.
The approach is self-confident, sophisticated and at the same time playful, guided by a lively landscape of art and culture.
That will make you feel more self-confident." Kristin recommends practicing two to three times a week to see major results.
SO Alexei Sayle thinks that Derek Hatton is an "uber-Scouser, rebellious and self-confident" (ECHO, June 3).
We agree with the SNP that Scotland is smart enough and self-confident enough to go it alone.
Dial, says Koven, is not aiming for another me-too product in a hot category: Its goal is to expand the body spray market by targeting RGX at more mature, self-confident males.