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Synonyms for self-confident

Synonyms for self-confident

having a firm belief in one's own powers

Synonyms for self-confident

showing poise and confidence in your own worth


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But the SNP should be smart enough and self-confident enough to be able to work with London.
There's a strong case that they should ensure that public services are up to scratch, the economy thrives and law and order is maintained, while we can worry about being happy or self-confident.
The report said: "Pupils are happy, self-confident and mature, and they take full advantage of what the school offers.
In the spring, now grown strong and self-confident, Alvin is finally ready to return home.
I'm enthralled with her ability to portray intelligent, independent, self-confident and strong-willed characters without losing her femininity.
A respectable Grand Tour in the eighteenth century might well have included a place of worship, a place of celebration and one of general day-to-day activity--exactly what is on offer in a twenty-first century downtown of Los Angeles that seems to be increasingly self-confident.
Young readers will enjoy this self-confident character who tosses apples with bull's-eye pizzazz.
Admiral's annual Drivers' Survey revealed that, overall, UK motorists are a pretty self-confident bunch, with 55% saying they drive better than the average motorist
They are clear and self-confident in their beliefs; they know their own minds (one gets the impression they would sacrifice everything before betraying their creeds); they are obsessed with character; and all three approach their various crusades with relish.
Bulelwa is a self-confident young woman with a good career; Bulelani is completing a tertiary education.
Bold, self-confident, highly intelligent and demanding.
The protagonists are three best friends; Trey, the playa; Vince, who's a hopeless romantic; and Erika who is self-confident.
He may be dropdead gorgeous, self-confident and independent.
But when the program came to a close, I left motivated, self-confident, and charged with a desire to get involved within my high school and local community.
With a wide-ranging and self-confident book like After the Empire, it is a bit of a challenge to figure out where a critique should begin.