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That subtle savage had recovered his artifice and self-command, and now proceeded toward his object with his customary caution and skill.
Such self-command has its beauty; but it's no great help for a man with such fateful eyes.
His self-command is the most admirable worldly thing I have ever seen.
Irritated already by Lady Lydiard's letters, he lost the self-command which so eminently distinguished him in the ordinary affairs of life, and showed the domineering and despotic temper which was an inbred part of his disposition.
According to Bohanon and Vachris, the final lessons we can learn from the professor of moral philosophy and the novelist are the following: "Develop self-command over our passions so we can live a life that balances both sense and sensibility.
The organization of capitalism and oil bolsters strictness, disturbance and self-command to capital flows that are associated with oil production.
Few people still identify self-government with governance of the self, with self-restraint and self-command.
Sexual license, gluttony, and the ancient vice of pleonexia--an excessive desire to acquire material and other goods--can overpower the virtue of self-command, which Adam Smith astutely recognized as the key to all the other virtues.
For example, in Robert Browning's "My Last Duchess" (1842), the envoy's silence itself symbolizes the Duke's power, his "extraordinary freedom to speak," as Mermin puts it, "with absolute self-command and impunity, the worst of truths" (pp.
He explained that their differences with Riek Machar, leader of the Sudan People's Liberation in Opposition (SPLM-IO) originated from reunification of the SPLM based on the Arusha deal and for failing to push at the negotiation table the establishment of the federal democratic country in which their forces would be allowed under the term of any potential peace to self-command for a period of at least three years in order for them to be able to reorganize themselves and their forces.
In contrast, for Smith, fellow-feeling develops into critical judgment of the emotions/actions, leading to individual moral autonomy, even self-command.
Her self-command must have seemed simultaneously masculine and feminine at the time.
Early childhood education might usefully focus as much on enhancing self-command as on narrowly "cognitive" goals.
The empire of the self; self-command and political speech in Seneca and Petronius.
Only a minority of men possess enough self-command to stick to moral principles when most people would fall prone to the 'temptation to do otherwise' (VI.