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the act of putting forth your own opinions in a boastful or inconsiderate manner that implies you feel superior to others

the act of asserting yourself in an aggressive manner

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The woman's tones and looks showed plainly that she had been made the object of Grace's insolent self-assertion as well as her mistress.
If his sweet-tempered wife could have got up any self-assertion against anyone, I am satisfied it could only have been because she was the Beauty's sister.
Subsequently, his unconscious self-assertion had wrought with her as with the others, and her intention of snubbing him had faded into the limbo of projects abandoned without trial.
Complaints about the quality or way of providing social services-S 5 Individual planning of social services-S 15 Improving the quality of social services-management and organizational skills in planning the development of social services-Resolving conflicts and disputes-Efficient communication or how to finish-Working with emotions the helping professions-operating rules of teamwork, the need to transfer information-Preventing burnout - psycho in the helping professions in the use of relaxation techniques-How to prevent manipulation, including assertive techniques unreasonable self-assertion - boundaries in the helping professions.
The new leadership sees Khomeini as their role model, including his foreign policies of self-assertion and defiance, because they realize that a revitalized strategy of confrontation might be the only way for the governing elite to survive and resist pushes for change coming from the majority of the Iranian public, which does not share the ideological passion of Khomeini's heirs.
He was of the view that the countries that were not influenced by the West have done very well adding that self-assertion, self-dependence and self-work were the keys to developing agriculture in the region.
An impassioned and full throttle charge of self-assertion from the plucky little Irish contender, putting her best foot forward after splits with both her partner and record company.
Suitable for teachers, trainers, facilitators and others working in communication skills and personal development, the manual includes an introductory orientation and sections covering the same sequence of topics as the 2007 book: self-esteem, self- awareness and self-knowledge, effective listening, self-assertion and managing conflict, and reflection and closure.
Taking his cues from Mikhail Bakhtin, who saw in the carnival a temporary transcendence of taboos and a Utopian self-assertion in the face of repressive structures, Panayiotou here presents a collection of images that bear witness to the island's problematic psyche, shaped by ancient conflicts over both territory and identity, even as a part of its population anesthetizes itself by means of escapism and role-playing.
First, a strange combination of self-assertion and reliance on foreign actors is the major characteristic of the Arab world, reflecting the massive polarization of our societies into two opposing camps.
Brianda Domecq shows a defiant central character who speaks with self-assertion on the traditional knowledge of the history of literature and religion.
Napoleon Dynamite's Jon Heder plays Roger, the nerdy warden in question who realises he needs to go to 'school' to learn some self-assertion skills.
Cloth, $85--This book is a collection of twelve essays, including two new pieces, "Getting to Goodness," and "Seneca and Self-assertion," representing fifteen years of "reading" and writing by Professor Inwood on Seneca and his place and role in the history of ancient Western philosophy.
It gives us a concrete situation through which to test our notion of self-assertion and, especially, to consider under what conditions self-assertion is both productive and worthy of our trust.
She suggests that women could gain greater freedom of expression through distance (either social or geographical) from the restrictively conventional Parisian court, or by drawing on distinctive regional cultures that could endorse women's self-assertion.