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aggressively self-assured

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To be self-asserting, self-reliant, free of bias or prejudice, using our own judgement and choice of action.
The assumption ranged from a resented self, anemic in its will and impotent to resist evil by sublimating and glorifying the cross, to affirmation of the imaginative and self-asserting power of the resurrection before the cross.
But Paul tells us that this is nothing but a bit of hubris, a self-asserting pride that simply isn't true.
The narrator's (and reader's) journey to Heaven in book 3, which "supplies the correction of the earlier-seen self-asserting, self-exalting, separate, and separating conditions of Hell," confirms that such "signs are properly understood when we look to God and their spiritual core" (58-59).
After criticizing the modern psychological concept so often inflicted on the Trinity of persons as self-asserting, Houston continues that "selflessness is more than professional expertise likely to get closer to the person of the Holy Spirit" (147), a comment reminiscent of Catherine of Siena's analogy of the Holy Spirit as the "waiter" at the heavenly feast.
This annual jolt of self-asserting furor does not give our readers the right to smack a stuck-up Spaniard in the face or start screaming "Viva Mexico" before taking a sip of tequila, but it merits some reflection on the nature of independence.