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Wei uses knowledge of protein structure to design self-assembling nanoparticles that elicit broader and more potent immunity than traditional influenza vaccines.
3-D Matrix has also filed a request for inter partes review of a Menicon patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office based on Menicon's omission in recognizing MIT professor and 3-D Matrix founder Shuguang Zhang as an inventor of the self-assembling peptides and methods of use claimed in a Menicon patent that supports PanaceaGel.
Cheng said that these self-assembling materials differ from common block copolymers (a portion of a macromolecule, comprising manyunits, that has at least one feature which is not present in the adjacent portions) because they organize themselves in a controllable manner at the molecular level.
Some, like DDM, ultracapacitors, and self-assembling technology are already making an impact on industry, while others such as, IDI and integrated 3D simulation and modeling/desktop super computers, hold great potential for industry-wide use.
This volume consists of 66 papers from the June 2006 conference as well as nine papers selected for the workshop on self-assembling wireless networks.
On existing lignocellulosic substrate create novel, functional, self-assembling surfaces.
The difficulties encountered when self-assembling a bicycle can, quite literally, be lifethreatening if it is not done correctly.
has developed a method to create self-assembling nanotubes that can be easily manipulated with specific dimensions or chemical properties.
At the other end, there are discussions that posit the replacement of human intelligence by cyborgs and architecture by self-assembling buildings.
Hsieh of Institute of Nanotechnology and Microsystems Engineering, College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, has led a research team of myocardial regeneration to conduct an experiment on pigs and has proved that by combining self-assembling peptide nanofiber hydrogel with autologous bone marrow stem cell, myocardial protection after acute myocardial infarction, vascular regeneration and heart functions can be improved.
This structure will then be additionally used as a template for segregation and self-assembling of metallic or carbon nanodots.
In theory, a self-assembling robot (or gadget) would know how to build itself from the individual components aACAo much in the same way that almost everything in nature self-assembles from simple building blocks.
HGST Labs announced today they have combined two innovative nanotechnologies -- self-assembling molecules and nanoimprinting -- to create large areas of dense patterns of magnetic islands only 10 billionths of a meter (10 nanometers) wide.
The field of nanotechnology is taking a bottom-up approach of creating electronics using naturally self-assembling organic components, such as polymers, which will be capable of spontaneously forming devices with the desired electronic or optical characteristics.
Scientists have long been inspired by these naturally self-assembling systems.