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Synonyms for self-aggrandizing

of or relating to or characteristic of self-aggrandizement

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DRC purports that when men disconnect from others and instead connect to self-aggrandizing or self-denigrating perspectives, they lose opportunities for relational mutuality and growth.
While grandiose narcissism is characterized by an extroverted, self-aggrandizing, domineering and flamboyant interpersonal style.
The ruling came less than two weeks after the court sunk a similarly self-aggrandizing proposal, the one put forth by Texan Michael Wasserman that would have given him the exclusive rights to run casinos in seven Arkansas counties.
Summary: Autobiography and memoir are, by their very nature, self-aggrandizing literary forms.
Vidal's meandering and whimsical autobiography, "Palimpsest," presented the gadfly at his witty, self-aggrandizing and hilarious best.
A whimsical travel diary of sorts following Cousins as he ambles around Mexico City for three days with only a laminated photo of Sergei Eisenstein for company, the film is openly intended as an off-the-cuff doodle, but its professed modesty swiftly proves self-aggrandizing.
Speaking today at a Yater funeral ceremony in South Lebanon, the deputy underscored Hizbullah's self-aggrandizing objective behind holding such talks saying his party would never miss on any convenient chance for beefing up its military capability regardless of ongoing political polemics in the country.
It's like an episode from Gordon Ramsay, without much in the way of cooking or self-aggrandizing.
Princess Asra and King Macta also undertake the quest, Asra to find Becky and Macta out of his self-aggrandizing love for Asra.
Responsible for self-aggrandizing and maudlin behavior.
By defining the self-aggrandizing individual as the irreducible unit and concrete reality upon which political societies and governments are based, Lockean thought turns the promotion and protection of the individual and the individual's interests, particularly in terms property, into the prime objective of public policy, thus precluding alternate means of approaching political and social challenges.
Not one of the book recommendations inspired me to read the book--these "best books" are described in the most snobbish, pretentious, self-aggrandizing way.
Hiring aides looks self-serving and self-aggrandizing at a time when all county employees, and the taxpayers who support them, are being asked to make sacrifices.
But for the most part it was the usual self-aggrandizing guff.