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Synonyms for self-aggrandizing

of or relating to or characteristic of self-aggrandizement

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BEIRUT: Autobiography and memoir are, by their very nature, self-aggrandizing literary forms.
Speaking today at a Yater funeral ceremony in South Lebanon, the deputy underscored Hizbullah's self-aggrandizing objective behind holding such talks saying his party would never miss on any convenient chance for beefing up its military capability regardless of ongoing political polemics in the country.
Bass baritone Thomas Goerz was animated arid always humorous as the alternately obsequious and self-aggrandizing Pooh-Bah, the jack of all portfolios.
It's like an episode from Gordon Ramsay, without much in the way of cooking or self-aggrandizing.
By defining the self-aggrandizing individual as the irreducible unit and concrete reality upon which political societies and governments are based, Lockean thought turns the promotion and protection of the individual and the individual's interests, particularly in terms property, into the prime objective of public policy, thus precluding alternate means of approaching political and social challenges.
Not one of the book recommendations inspired me to read the book--these "best books" are described in the most snobbish, pretentious, self-aggrandizing way.
After a while, these frequent self-aggrandizing asides start sounding desperate and begin to border on the delusional.
But for the most part it was the usual self-aggrandizing guff.
While some might say this is self-aggrandizing, I would argue that Brune is simply drawing on his experiences at the helm of an organization that has been instrumental in building a grassroots movement for ecological and social justice.
Often, poetry has been self-aggrandizing, tongue-twisting, convoluted verbiage that appealed only to a segment of literature buffs.
Rather, the animation will come from Church Times cartoonist Dave Walker, noted by the New York Times for having attracted "something of a cult following" with his tongue-in-cheek visual commentaries of church issues (and self-aggrandizing personalities and characters).
The twelve-foot-long Horizontal features Bernstein's prominently scrawled name, satirizing a stereotypically self-aggrandizing male artist's signature.
Raging Waters is neither self-aggrandizing nor Pollyannaish in praising Lutheran Disaster Relief and the many other faith-based humanitarian organizations that have supplemented and often surpassed governmental relief efforts.
No self-aggrandizing or faux-modest acceptance speeches with tedious laundry lists of shout-outs to agents, attorneys, publicists, significant others, other people you've never heard of, oh, and God, who in his mercifully just wisdom singled the winner out over his/her competition but continues to allow those massacres in Africa.