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an acceptance of yourself as you are, warts and all

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It was defined that there was a statistical meaningful difference in scores of Self Acceptance between married and single teachers in favour of married teachers [p<.
In addition, while there was a positive meaningful relation between age and Distrust of Others, Intolerance and Pollyanna-ish Thinking; there was a negative meaningful relation between age and Self Acceptance.
To evaluate generally, we can say that Turkish primary school teachers who took part in this study mostly consider the CT dimensions of Self Acceptance, Action Orientation and Conscientiousness.
According to this, female teachers' scores in Self Acceptance, Action Orientation and Intolerance were higher than male teachers'.
Etiquette is frequently assessed by the author as being commiserate with the feelings of modesty, self loathing, and occasionally self acceptance.
Though not directly stated, the author attempts to move the reader in the direction of self acceptance by concluding the book with a compilation of stories from the older women of the locker room.
The girl portrayed is a member of a multi-racial family, and important images convey a sense of acceptance of differences, self acceptance, and love.
Get those sparks flying with Bridget Jones' Diary, a "Canoodle Movie" that reminds us that the first rule in good canoodling is self acceptance - and that true love means never having to ask 'do I look fat?
The delightful illustrations highlight humorous self acceptance of differences throughout the pages of "Is There an App for That?
But a chance meeting teaches this adorable pair an important lesson in self acceptance.
This series encourages self acceptance, communication skills, and early reading.
Hugo the Happy Starfish Wants To Be Different" is a bilingual character education for kids picture book that teaches Spanish in embedded textual conversation while it teaches kids the beauty of self acceptance.
Randall's "Inside Out" is a wise children's fable written in verse that teaches the value of self acceptance and the joy of celebrating our uniquely created individuality.