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(communication theory) a numerical measure of the uncertainty of an outcome

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Other selective information such as gender, age, specific medical conditions and ethnicity is available.
Selective information tops the list among the sampled participants.
Registered users will benefit from the new platform due to an improved profile management with detailed preference settings allowing a more accurate and selective information transfer.
Presenting selective information, dubious conjecture and unrealistic judgement, it is a trap for the gullible.
The selective information released on the KRG, which appeared amongst OSE's published documents has created an ideal opportunity for the opponents of our oil and gas policies to try to undermine and damage the KRG's success over the last three years," the KRG wrote in a letter to DNO dated 5 October 2009.
But it's Syria and its followers who this year have tried three times to kill the Hariri tribunal: after the generals were released, when the opposition falsely described this as a declaration of innocence; when someone leaked selective information to Der Spiegel, which published a flawed account of the Hariri assassination suggesting it was mainly a Hizbullah operation; and this past week, when Syrian and pro-Syrian figures and media made a concerted effort to discredit the tribunal, declaring its work "politicized.
Specific topics include the influence of media coverage on public expenditures, the influence of technological and cost factors in the media industry's production function on media content and political markets, the impact of media targeting of minority groups on voter turnout, the relationship between the cost of obtaining information and amount of news coverage, the impact of the introduction of Fox News Channel on the Republican vote share in the United States, news consumers as the source of news bias in the cases of CNN and Al Jazeera, the ability of special interest groups to manipulate public opinion through the media, selective information sharing as a means of manipulating news, and comparative government regulation of media.
According to The Times, the Pentagon, by controlling access and disseminating selective information about the war effort, has co-opted some military analysts to generate favorable news coverage during the Iraq war.
The Times story reported that the Pentagon, by controlling access and disseminating selective information, has co-opted some military analysts to generate favorable news coverage during the war.
That overlooks Clark's excellent earlier form when runner-up in the Masters, so could be said to represent selective information and slanted to present a case.
maintenance: confirmation bias, selective information processing, belief
We felt residents were getting peppered with selective information and we want to give them a balanced picture.
Management at Care Connect today issued a statement saying: ``We are concerned that the highly selective information that has been obtained may be biased or unreliable.
There is a danger that the public will prejudice the issues on the basis of the selective information filtered out through so called 'sources'.
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