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Synonyms for select

Synonyms for select

to make a choice from a number of alternatives

singled out in preference

of fine quality

able to recognize small differences or draw fine distinctions

one that is selected

Synonyms for select

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With the implementation of EMC Select, however, EMC is taking a huge step beyond its historical one-sided view of remarketer relationships, and toward a philosophy that is far more partner-centric than product vendors, reseller partners, analysts and other observers ever believed possible.
Select Customers and click on Next (exhibit 8, below).
From the very beginning of our discussions with Trees Forever, it was obvious that even though our organizations are quite different, we share a mission dedicated to environmental stewardship," says Jeff Hansen, third-generation farmer and pork producer, and founder of Iowa Select Farms in 1992.
As a complement to SELECT SE, the product allows database specialists to recover a data model of an existing relational database, rapidly design data service components which "wrap" the database, and publish details of the new data service components in SELECT Component Manager(TM) for use in new component-based applications.
When the Command Button Wizard appears (exhibit 5), from the Categories window, select Report Operations, and from the Actions window, select Preview Report window (exhibit 8, below).
Now open FrontPage and the Garden Delights Web site and create a new page by doing the following: In Navigation View, click on the Home Page (Garden Delights) and select File, New and Page.
For this example, click on the dropdown arrow in the Cell Value Is field and select the second option, Formula Is.
Select the block of data you want to copy (hold down the left mouse button until all of it is selected, or use SHIFT and the arrow keys).