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Synonyms for select

Synonyms for select

to make a choice from a number of alternatives

singled out in preference

of fine quality

able to recognize small differences or draw fine distinctions

one that is selected

Synonyms for select

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From Categories, select Record Navigation, and from Actions, select Goto First Record as in exhibit 14, page 35, and click on Next.
HRM's nationwide PPO network of 65,000 physicians and over 1,000 facilities has been enhanced by the addition of Select Care's 3,000 physicians and 50 hospitals, including some of the most prestigious and well-respected tertiary care centers and teaching hospitals in the Upper Midwest.
To customize the Submit button on the search form, right-click on the button and select Form Field Properties from the shortcut menu.
The owners and management team at Select International have created a positive environment where the employees are rewarded for hard work as well as community involvement.
If you click on any of the drop-down arrows, you can select any of the values in that particular column, as well as All, Top 10 or Custom (see exhibit 7, at right).
To create a link between two Windows applications, open the source application, select the original block of data and copy it to the Clipboard (using the Edit and Copy commands, as appropriate).
Select has also worked proactively with Guardian to identify key issues leading to turnover.
A principal property already 100% owned by Select is the Admiral Calder Mine, a high grade, high bright deposit at Calder, Alaska considered to be in the top one percent of such calcium carbonate deposits in the world.
ISEE Select is an enhancement of the highly-regarded ISEE Sentiment Index, through which ISE has provided an aggregate view of market direction based on the trading activity of options investors since 2003.
The Select SPDRs campaign was conceived and executed by DNA Creative, a full-service, turn-key advertising and production agency founded in 1994 with offices in Manhattan, Los Angeles and Long Island.
CareScience Select Practice National Quality Leader hospitals represent elite performers amongst the 4,500 acute care hospitals in the United States in clinical quality and efficiency, both for overall facility performance and in disease specific categories, as identified by the CareScience([TM])Select Practice methodology.
Select Sector SPDRs allow investors to customize their portfolios by picking and weighting the sectors to meet specific investment goals.
Select Sector SPDRs will continue to declare dividends quarterly and set the third Friday of each calendar quarter month as the ex-dividend date for its nine ETFs.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Select Comfort Corporation (Nasdaq:SCSS), the nation's leading bed retailer and creator of the Sleep Number(R) bed, announced results of its annual meeting of shareholders, held yesterday afternoon at the company's corporate headquarters.