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Synonyms for seizure

Synonyms for seizure

the act of catching, especially a sudden taking and holding

the act of taking something for oneself

a seizing and holding by law

the act of taking quick and forcible possession of

a sudden and often acute manifestation of a disease

Synonyms for seizure

a sudden occurrence (or recurrence) of a disease

the act of taking of a person by force

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Get a full seizure workup, keep using heartworm preventative--namely Heartgard Plus--and have your veterinarian give you guidance on what flea-and-tick prevention you can use.
The researchers of the study have removed new neurons that formed during the eight weeks following a seizure in mice.
An etiological classification of seizure disorders appropriate for epidemiological studies describes two broad groups
According to the company, NAYZILAM now provides patients and caregivers with the first and only US FDA-approved nasal option for treating seizure clusters.The rescue treatment of seizure clusters is critical because when left untreated, seizure clusters can increase the risk of physical injury, neurological damage, prolonged seizures and status epilepticus.
Stay CALM and stay with the person who is having a seizure.
These results will open a large field of research on the odor signature of seizures with potential for significant improvements of seizure detection systems.
They examined the 1-year incidence of new-onset seizures among patients diagnosed with schizophrenia or mood disorders who were new to antipsychotic treatment, and calculated the risk of seizure associated with each antipsychotic in reference to risperidone.
Epilepsy is broadly categorized by seizure type, with partial-onset seizures accounting for approximately 60% of epilepsy cases and generalized seizures accounting for approximately 40%.
Table-I: Comparison of Mean of Age, Hemoglobin, MCV, MCHC and ferritin between the febrile seizure (case) and control groups.
The Malaysia seizure passed through the Mombasa and Togo ports, and included tusks with matches in two other seizures at each of those ports.
"If you have a child with a vaccine-related febrile seizure, you can give the same advice to those parents as for anyone else who's had a febrile seizure, in that there is no difference in the clinical outcomes of vaccine-proximate and non-vaccine-proximate febrile seizures.
Instead they live with the fear of an oncoming seizure which can occur at any time.