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a kidnapper who drugs men and takes them for compulsory service aboard a ship

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Architects Bezek Durst Seizer did the design and PDC provided engineering services.
The week-long raids in several housing areas, entertainment hubs and public locations led to seizer of weapons including homemade swords, bullets and pistols and even crude bombs.
To think about where Shakespeare's sympathies lie, we only need to recall Robert Greene's famous insult in the Groats-Worth of Wit (1592), that Shakespeare himself was a grubby 'Johannas fac totum': an upstart supplanter, a wily seizer of the time, a jack-of-all-trades.
"We're eager for him to score goals and he'll certainly get support and assists from the quality we have in the side." SEIZER " Overturning a 1-0 first-leg deficit against Steaua was another big performance from Chelsea, just four days after coming back from 2-0 down at halftime to force an F Torres Cup replay with Manchester United.
The 10-item bMAST was adapted from the original 25-item MAST (Seizer, 1971).
Sharma said, "If you recall that last seizer we have made in October 2012 and after that it is now quite".
The nanoparticle sizes in water suspension were determined with a Zeta seizer (DLS using DLS-ZP/Particle Sizer Nicomp 380 ZLS).
in 2011 Costa Rica proved to be the top marijuana seizer in the world." The country's "work in the struggle against trafficking and selling other drugs is also recognized."
The tanks and heavy weapons seizer was announced by government officials at a press briefing on Thursday.
Instead, language is always a shared process of borrowing and lending--an exchange and "recycling of discourse," as Susan Seizer has also indicated (64).
253-91), Susan Seizer explores the arrangement of stage space in a popular genre of contemporary Tamil theater, arguing that "spatial use onstage indexes the organization of spatial domains offstage, both on the ground and in the social imagination" (p.
Much has been published regarding methods for dissemination and adoption of evidence-based practices in substance abuse treatment, yet most of them focus on models that utilize on-the-job approaches such as on- and off-site trainings, supervision, presentations/seminars, blending conferences and online trainings (Condon, Miner, Balmer & Pintello, 2008; Haug, Shopshire, Tajima, Gruber & Guydish, 2008; Miller, Sorensen, Seizer & Brigham, 2006; Simpson, 2002).
(4.) Bigalke B, Lindemann S, Ehlers R, Seizer P, Daub K, Langer H, et al.
Positioning Johnson among the influential if "exceedingly small" group of academicians at the vanguard of establishing African American philosophy as a "legitimate" course of study (19), Seizer shows how his relationship to the Western philosophical tradition has been that of a skeptical devotee.