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Synonyms for Seine

a French river that flows through the heart of Paris and then northward into the English Channel

a large fishnet that hangs vertically, with floats at the top and weights at the bottom

fish with a seine

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"A couple years ago there was an agreement with the ministry that the people using the purse seine nets would get rid of them and the [Agriculture] Ministry would pay them reparations so they could buy boats and nets," said Bawjeh.
Seine nets were the most efficient sampling techniques capturing 92.8% of the fish (after correction for catch per unit of effort) and 32 of the 34 species found.
The seine nets were clearly more efficient both in number of individuals and in number of species caught, with a greater number of individuals and species caught in comparison with the cast and gill nets.
rocks, macrophytes, branches) interfere with sampling techniques such as seine nets, preventing them from passing through the entire water column (Parsley et al., 1989; Pierce et al., 1990).
The first one is related to the objectives of the study, that is, if samples are aimed at collecting fish for ecological studies that focus on variations in community richness and composition (when rare species are not as important), then seine nets are efficient sampling techniques.
standards." (55) Specifically, if purse seine nets were used in the ETP, the exporting nation's government had to meet two requirements.
(75) Environmental groups such as Greenpeace organized boycotts of the purchase of tuna captured by using purse seine nets on dolphins, and took actions to support "dolphin-safe" tuna.
could not be labeled "dolphin-safe" if it was caught using purse seine nets that were intentionally deployed on or encircled about dolphins.
"Let's find out what lives here," the Ecos counselor proposed, "to see what critters might be able to tell us about acid precipitation's impacts on this area.' Armed with seine nets, white pails and a pH meter, the group checked the stream's pH at regular intervals, and did some biomonitoring.
SIR - By maintaining and extending the anti-net sentiments of the angling lobby, Carwyn Jones has sealed the fate of the traditional Welsh net fisheries on the coracles on the Towy and Teifi and Taf, the compass nets of the west and eastern Cleddau, the lave and putcher nets of the Severn and the seine nets. They will disappear, driven out of existence by a process that was designed to get rid of Welsh nets by stealth.
Last year, the EU adopted wide-ranging ICCAT control measures, including a ban on the use of airplanes and helicopters for tracking tuna, an August ban on tuna fishing with purse seine nets during the month of August, and a minimum catch size for tuna of 1.8 kilogrammes.
Under the most recent and frankly amazing plan, commercial trout takers would get 5-month open seasons, a doubled boat limit, and, get ready for this one, the legalized use of seine nets again.
Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) law enforcement officers made a number of arrests in the latter half of 2009 for illegal netting, In many cases, individuals are fishing seine nets connected in tandem, or even in threes and fours, thus greatly exceeding the 500-square-foot maximum allowed in Florida waters since the net ban limitation amendment was enacted more than a decade ago.
Connecting seine nets has always been an issue, said Burton.
A similar stop made near Siesta Key in Sarasota County revealed that commercial fishermen were fishing three connected seine nets which totaled 1,494 square feet.