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Synonyms for seigniory

the estate of a seigneur

the position and authority of a feudal lord

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Later, visiting the Fort National on a tidal island just off the coast of the town where the seigniory held executions - first burning people at the stake and then installing a gallows - left me speechless.
The construction of the fortress at the seigniory began in 1241 and in 1261 control of the fortress, the city and the fief of Arsuf (Arsur) was handed over to the Knights Hospitaller.
The good seigniory of Altyn Orda (The Golden Horde) also wishes to join this Turkish union.
44) Notes for talk at 70th annual meeting Canadian Manufacturer's Association, Seigniory Club, 10 June 1941, Harvey MacMillan Collection, box 90, file 13, UBC/SS; Ken Drushka, H.
If ancient sorrow be most reverend Give mine the benefit of seigniory, And let my griefs frown on the upper hand.
The geographical jurisdiction of the Great Council became extensive during the reign of Philip the Good (1419-67), far exceeding the seigniory of Malines itself.
The Tragedy of the Seigniory" commences with a description of the house called "by courtesy, the Seigniory," and of its whereabouts on the outskirts of Viger (69).