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charged by a government for coining bullion

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However, the DNB confirms that in the trade-off between seigniorage and efficiency, it clearly opts for the latter.
Benjamin Eden, Vanderbilt University, "International Seigniorage Payments" Discussant: Chris Edmond, New York University
Canadian economists Archibald Ritter and Nicholas Rowe explain how seigniorage affects Cuba: "For every dollar that stays in Cuba.
Another issue concerns the share of the rest of the world in the seigniorage.
Seigniorage revenue and monetary policy: Some preliminary evidence.
In this case, however, the desirability of obtaining US cooperation would emerge even more strongly, not only as it pertains to financial system support in a crisis, but also in regard to seigniorage, the provision of day-to-day central banking services, the supervision and regulation of financial institutions, and the liberalization of crossborder flows, especially of labour.
Mint reports a 20 percent seigniorage (profit) on minting cents, they will do so well into the future.
If New Zealand adopts the Australian dollar, seigniorage is lost to the New Zealand state, but the Australian state's capacity expands.
Ninth, the profits from the printing of notes and minting of coins, called seigniorage, would remain in Canada as we would produce in our own existing facilities the currency used here.
Price stability eliminates this distortion, but at the same time reduces seigniorage revenue.
Similarly, because the usage of electronic money is likely to grow relatively slowly, its introduction is unlikely to affect materially the seigniorage revenues received by the Treasury Department in the near term.
Cash Asmussen is looking for his fourth win in the event and partners Seigniorage, who might just be peaking at the right time.
27) This scenario is particularly favored by libertarians who--following Hayek--predict that a loss of both seigniorage revenue and control over monetary policy would encourage more disciplined government policy and an end to inflation.
If people hold less coin and currency, the Treasury will lose seigniorage from the coins it mints as well as the income associated with Federal Reserve notes.
The seigniorage from the currency's issuance does not go to the government or to institutions able to generate credit, but to the computers that spend processing power on maintaining the network and running transactions.