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a man of rank in the ancient regime

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Governments are always reluctant to give up sources of revenue (even now seignior age is an important revenue producer for governments).
The diarist John Evelyn, visiting Milan in 1640, went to take wine with a certain Seignior Septalla, a wealthy local gent where Evelyn marvelled amongst other things at pieces of "Indian wood smelling sweetly of civet", crystals that apparently still retained water moving at their heart, and a silver writing box, the lid decorated with moulded silver grasshoppers, frogs and lizards.
First, the Fed has smaller seignior age earnings to remit to the Treasury, which means that given the Treasury's revenue needs, taxes must now be increased to cover them, or government spending must decrease.
I, Henry Dotchsteder, Seignior, of the Township of Caistor, County of Lincoln, district of Niagara and Province of Upper Canada; Considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of Sound and perfect mind and memory, Blessed be Almighty God for the Same, do make this my last will and Testament in manner and form following (that is to say) first--I give and Bequeath unto Magdalane Dochsteder my dearly beloved Wife my Bed and Bedding one Cow of her own choosing and one year old Hiefer calf, three Apple trees one Cherry tree and one Peach tree of her own choice.
120) of seignior age finance (95% confidence interval) F-test for 22.
A closely related advantage is that dollars are used in a number of foreign countries as common currency, providing seignior age revenue.
With airs of seignior, You turn master was once guest.
It comes with a pale blue sash and you become a seignior in recognition of some act of supermarket chivalry,like picking up some apples after an avalanche has been created from the display.
And declared to have received on their behalf and that of their heirs and assigns from Seignior Abrham Cohen, hundred and twenty-five guilders of xx stivers apiece and that bottomry and marine risk surcharge [premium?
Economists call this seigniorage, a medieval French term related to droit du seignior, or lord's rights; in this case, it refers to the right to coin money.
Rose water was passed around, and a malevolent seignior, the Baron Miserabius with black eyebrows, suggested to Duke San Alberto: "Rinse your mouth, not your hands.
35 Whiteacre's Glory: Or, the Drubbing of Seignior Stopha .
the Grand Seignior having resolved to Spare neyther men nor money that he may .
Abell, One of His Majesties Music, Presented a Noble Musical Entertainment on the Water: The Barge was Richly Adorn'd, and Furnisht with a Multitude of Flambeaux; Seignior Fede, Master, of His Majesties Chappel Royal, was pleased to Compose the Musick, which by the Vote of Competent Judges, was thought to be as delicate as ever was done by any Master in the World; and was no less excellently performed, by all the Gentlemen of His Majesty's Musick, and most of the greatest Masters in Town, both of Voices and of Instruments, being in Number above One Hundred and Thirty .