seif dune

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a long and tall sand dune with a sharp crest

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Pleistocene Carbonate Seif Dunes and their Role in the Development of Complex Past and Present Coastlines of the U.
In some locations, as near the equestrian centre on the island, the Pleistocene marine sediments which dip off the flanks of the seif dunes are cross-bedded and probably formed under high energy (tidal) current conditions (Fig.
In some places, during the marine transgression, the sea eroded the partially cemented sediments of the flanks of the seif dunes to create cliffs.
However, as a result of increased wind strength during climatic variations in the Pleistocene glacial periods, the barchans were remodelled to long, linear, seif dunes.
The remnants of similar fossil seif dunes, remodelled from barchans, have been described from the Al Dabb'iya Peninsula but there they are capped by Pleistocene marine sediments which accumulated when sea level was about 7-8m higher than that of today (about 125 Ka).