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a wave on the surface of a lake or landlocked bay

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Mr Seiche said the phone combined the "durability of a feature phone with the latest software experience".
Diseno estructural para edificaciones en areas de riesgo de inundacion por tsunami o seiche.
Deputy Interior Minister Esmail Najjar said the wave was estimated at more than three meters (10 feet) high, though that would be unusually big for a seiche and was probably an exaggeration.
s (2011) sampling effort only included very shallow habitats (especially those exposed by seiche events), while our sites occurred further off-shore.
HMD will be run by a group of industry leaders, including CEO-designate Arto Nummela, who previously held senior roles at Nokia and is currently the head of Microsoft's Mobile Devices business for Greater Asia, Middle East and Africa as well as Microsoft's global feature phones business, and president-designate Florian Seiche, who is currently senior vice president for Europe sales and marketing at Microsoft mobile.
Height in feet of a seiche, or tidal wave, that swept into St.
En tout cas, cette apparition massive de ces [beaucoup moins que]hotes bleus[beaucoup plus grand que], inquiete les pecheurs de la region qui sont actuellement en pleine campagne de peche a la crevette et la seiche.
Lucien, Cataplus, 7: "Mais ou est le philosophe Cyniskos, qui pour avoir mange le repas d'Hecate, les reufs de purification et en plus une seiche crue, devait en mourir ?
Or: seiche, intersection of wave motion in a medium often caused on the surface of water by earthquakes or other geothermal disturbances.
Saying the words seiche or moonglade or scintillation, which is the reason stars appear to move in the night sky, I'm teaching the one young person in the world who cares about me.
One hastily Googled the word from the menu, seiche, then showed me the result on her phone.
A Boujdour, les representants des populations sont venus nombreux declarer aux journalistes le voeu de tirer profit des projets et des infrastructures en cours de realisation, dont en premier du nouveau port de la ville dont les cotes sont tres poissonneuses (sardine, maquereau, thon, espadon, bonite, poulpe calamar, seiche, pagre, gros dente, dorade royale , pageot, corbine, congre, moule, homard oursin, etc.
Florian Seiche, president of HTC EMEA, said: "Our HTC One Series represents the pinnacle of our smartphone achievements so far -- especially the HTC One X.
Florian Seiche, President, HTC, EMEA said: "Our HTC One Series represents the pinnacle of our smartphone achievements so far - especially the HTC One X.
Patents is what they are after," said HTC's Florian Seiche.