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similar to but smaller than the finback whale

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At this same time, however, the number of sei whales captured exceeded 10,000.
Baleen whales We encountered 6 or possibly 7 species of baleen whales (one encounter was undetermined; it was not possible to distinguish whether it was a Bryde's or sei whale [Balaenoptera edeni brydei, B.
In 1982, the Cetacean and Turtle Assessment Program estimated that only a few thousand sei whales were left in U.
45) As blue whales dropped in numbers, whaling pressure increased on other baleen whale species, causing stocks of fin, humpback, and sei whales to diminish.
The plan for the resumption of whaling adopted by Reykjavik in 2003, following a 14-year moratorium, provides for catches of 200 minke whales over two years, 200 fin whales and 100 sei whales.
Iceland had said in 2003 that it would kill 100 sei whales, 200 fin whales and 200 minke whales over two-year period as part of scientific research.
After that Iceland plans to kill 100 minke whales, 100 fin whales and 50 sei whales every year.
Under a new program starting this year, Japan plans to catch 50 additional minke whales and newly hunt 50 sei whales, viewed by anti-whaling activists as an endangered species, in the northwestern Pacific.
Japan will hunt endangered sei whales for the first time in a quarter of a century during three month hunt in the northwest Pacific when they plan to kill a total of 260 whales.
JAPAN is to hunt endangered sei whales for the first time in a quarter of a century.
But the antiwhaling countries are expected to lodge strong protests, particularly given that Japan plans to expand one of two programs to include catches of 50 North Pacific sei whales, an endangered species.
In the last few weeks, "scientific" quotas have been made greater to include 50 more minke and 50 endangered sei whales - specially protected by the International Whaling Commisson since the 1970s.
Japanese officials defended Thursday Japan's plan to add sei whales to its ''research whaling'' program in the northwestern Pacific, making claims about the species' impact on marine resources.
Under the expansion Japan will catch 50 sei whales and allow 50 minke whales -- in addition to the usual 100 -- to be "sampled each year by small-type whaling catcher [sic] boats to cover the temporal and spatial gaps that cannot be sampled by the larger whaling research vessels.