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the act of changing smoothly from one state or situation to another

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proceed without interruption

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The Ship Song - perhaps her best known Cave cover - is different again from the recorded version, segueing between delicate intimacy and a rocking guitar solo.
"He's chilling in this, segueing from bonhomie to murderous in the blink of an eye."
More than triple the distance (52.2km), this stage sees riders getting fast and loose, with the Lefkara centre start segueing into a gruelling climb up to the peak of Macheras (a total ascent of 2,000 metres-plus is listed!) before riders tackle a breakneck single-track trail back down to the village.
His cadenza, too, was stunning, beginning pensively, then building to a climax of angry defiance before segueing into a finale which Mirga and the CBSO almost took over, with sniggering woodwind, chugging strings, and a typical Shostakovich ending that abruptly said, "That's enough." It wasn't though, and we had an encore (Nocturne from the Gadfly Suite), Shostakovich in lush audience-appealing mode, breathtakingly poised and lovely to hear - but quite unnecessary.
With the question 'is Trump resigning' segueing into 'when is Trump resigning,' many are hedging their bets on the U.S.
She states, So it was a cleansing ritual, but also a bonding ritual because part of saying this is us is pointing to someone and saying you are not one of us, Musk said, Which has a way of segueing into oh and, by the way, its all your fault.
He realises he's doomed to a torturous eternity in Punxsutawney and turns to debauchery and crime - before segueing into world-weary melancholy, followed by eventual redemption.
Segueing to ossified ferns, shells, amphibians, fish, and birds, the ongoing story of minerals advances to giant beasts and prehistoric remains that tectonic plates have trapped in stone or tree sap has engulfed in amber.
There's also time for two rock 'n' roll covers which get everyone on their feet - Eddie Cochrane's C'Mon Everybody segueing straight into All Shook Up.
Game play is fun, segueing from platformer to shooter to racer with ease - and it's not without its challenges.
"It's just acknowledging that it's not starting over; it's segueing different parts of yourself into other areas, and they're not disconnected."
Valdene's observations about the pond he built on his northern Florida property, though, are merely the starting point, segueing seamlessly into autobiographical details of a life well lived, and one that has been centered around water." MONTE BURKE
The novel ends with a dramatic climax neatly segueing into the next volume.
Neat splicing tricks show him playing to his students, then segueing to the same repertoire in live performance.
The following two chapters, 'Mediated Truth' and 'In Media Res', defend Heidegger's missing theory in contemporary media studies by segueing from language and 'the real' into technological determinism and a reading of Heidegger's 'notion of communication as the passing of messages and imparting information' as a discursive mode of 'disclosure rather than just information transmission' (p.