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Synonyms for segregation

Synonyms for segregation

the act or process of isolating

the policy or practice of political, legal, economic, or social discrimination, as against the members of a minority group

Synonyms for segregation

(genetics) the separation of paired alleles during meiosis so that members of each pair of alleles appear in different gametes

the act of segregating or sequestering

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Hindmarsh has been declining in popularity in the Eastern region in 2014/15 season so Viterra expects segregation capacity for Hindmarsh to be limited going forward.
Waste segregation is the collection of different types of wastes in separate bins in a pure and clean state that makes recycling possible, and it is estimated to generate about GHS2 billion annually and also create five million jobs across the country.
2 May 2019 - Indiana, US-based tax and consulting firm McGuire Sponsel has merged with Georgia, US-based Ernst and Morris, known for cost segregation expertise, the company said.
However, the agency has also observed asset managers with lean organizational structures whose segregation of functions is good or adequate, with separate professionals responsible for risk control and middle office activities and transparency in relation to segregation of functions.
Contributors in education, psychology, educational research, sociology, and educational policy consider the roles of social class, race, and ethnicity in socio-cultural segregation. Country case studies from the US, Europe, and South America provide a review of current national and international debates on school segregation.
In the study, published in June in Ethnicity and Health, researchers from the Center for Community Health Equity examined the link between racial and ethnic minority segregation and low birthweight in 307 communities in five North American cities: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Toronto.
The purpose of this training was to explain how waste management is conducted in the private sector and how public hospitals can improve waste management and segregation for a better environment by reducing hazards.
Manager Housekeeping, SKMH Jamal Uddin conducted the workshop to improve their skill, prevent infection, explain how waste management is done in private sector and how the public hospitals can improve waste management and segregation for a better environment by reducing hazards.
South Side native Moore writes in The South Side: A Portrait of Chicago and American Segregation what she calls a "story of northern racism," addressing head-on the issue that most affects the city of Chicago: segregation.
"The truth is, neighborhood segregation still remains high in America, and our study also shows that segregation is increasingly occurring at different scales of geography."
GlobePharma's PowderEx, Accelerated Powder Segregation Tester, is a tool for formulators designed to detect segregation at its earliest, prior to costly production runs.
However, segregation defects are discovered only at the end of the multi-stage production process when the parts are sintered, making scrap that much more costly.
In The National Rise in residential segregation (NBER Working Paper No.