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Synonyms for segmental

divided or organized into speech segments or isolable speech sounds

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having the body divided into successive metameres or segments, as in earthworms or lobsters

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Hepatic segmental atrophy and nodular elastosis: Imaging features.
People who suffer from segmental vitiligo also experience loss of hair, eyebrows or eyelashes.
Inferior segmental branch of renal artery is classified into four types depending upon the mode of its origin [kher et al].
The company added that the Precice Bone Transport System is the only all-internal system of its kind on the market indicated for use in segmental bone loss treatment in the tibia and femur resulting from trauma or infection.
The aim of our study was to assess the role of MPR in diagnosing peripheral PE in segmental oblique pulmonary arteries.
The hepatic portal vein was divided into right and left (primary branches) at the porta hepatis, then each one originated terminal secondary branches for each segment, attracting the arterial and biliary formed seven segmental vascular pedicles, these pedicles were also located in the porta hepatis, below the hepatic return veins.
The Group's segmental revenue and adjusted segmental operating profit achieved growth for three consecutive years, excluding the one-off financial impact.
Raghunathan and co-principal investigator Janice Vranka of Oregon Health and Science University, are examining the mechanobiology of the TM cells, looking at how the mechanical properties of the microenvironment effects cell behavior and how that governs cell function as it pertains to segmental flow.
The subclass other segmental lesions had the greatest uncertainty at 48% of glomeruli, followed by glomerular foam cells at 37% uncertainty, synechia at 32%, and mesangiopathic changes at 26%.
A concerted effort was made to identify and dissect the segmental branches of the hilar renal arteries and veins.
While proponents of "shaving" the nodule are quick to point out that--compared with segmental bowel resection--pelvic pain, dyspareunia, dysmenorrhea, and postoperative pregnancy rates are similarly reduced, most comparative studies are retrospective and are not randomized.
There are two clinical subtypes of the disease: segmental type 1 and segmental type 2.
Post-traumatic segmental bone loss in femur is a difficult task to manage and is associated with significant longterm morbidity.
It is unclear how the development of techniques such as EMR has affected referral patterns and segmental colon resection for large colonic polyps.
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