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in constant agitation

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Some parts of the country will from today experience cooling temperatures following days of seething heat.
A close friend of Clarkson, 55, said: "He's absolutely seething.
screeched seething Selina when she was told to go and buy more dud produce.
The Dutchman was seething that United ended up with a 1-1 draw after dominating the game at Villa Park .
Are the Welsh also seething in revolt at Westminster?
However their supporters are still seething supporters are still seething at having been dumped out of the Champions League - despite a 6-1 aggregate win over Celtic - after it was discovered Warsaw had briefly fielded an ineligible player against the Scots.
The worst moment of seething happened a few months ago.
I am absolutely seething over this because no one is monitoring these people parking dangerously.
This is in response to Seething Westerner, 'Don't judge others' (GDN, July 12).
However, The Sun quotes a pal of 35-year-old Alex who said: "He's seething at her statement and is adamant that he'll get every penny out of her he's owed and ensure the world knows the truth over their marriage.
His second album with bassist Richard Sadler and drummer Evan Jenkins is an incendiary affair, seething with impatient energy.
FALCONS boss John Fletcher is still seething over the controversial sin-binning of prop Jon Golding in last week's Cup defeat at Wasps.
I sat there seething, thinking, 'What am I doing here, being blasted, bombarded by this sound?
As they realize that claims to being "number one" are not confined to the USA, the rodeo audience starts seething into lynch mob mode.
It is clear that Carter is a man who is seething with anger that his political career came to a demise when he was not re-elected.