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Synonyms for seer

Synonyms for seer

someone who sees something occur

a person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means

Synonyms for seer

an observer who perceives visually

an authoritative person who divines the future

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P., Mariana, and the Seeress reinforces Fuller's belief in eternal progression, her conviction that "the fashioning spirit, working upwards from the clod to man," arrives at last at a being "whose life is idea, the crown of nature, the platform from which spirit takes wing" (167).
She is the one who all but orders him: "Tu peux ajouter ceci dans la lettre d'actions de graces que tu as, sans doute, promis decrire a notre onde et ami, le baron de Linville, en Suede." [You can add this in the thanksgiving letter you no doubt promised to write to our uncle and friend, the Baron of Linville, in Sweden.] Thus she avers that she knew all along and confirms her husband's characterization of her as a seeress. At the castle of Fonteval, away from the capital, a powerful amazon and a soft-mannered yet passionate man, who could nonetheless establish his character, and therefore conquer his wife's love, can find balance and happiness in life.
33) and seeress, whose portrait, painted by Reynolds (p.
Whereas the essays in Cassandra stress the analogy between Wolf and Cassandra as prophet-seers, the novel signals their explicit conflation; standing amidst the ruins of Mycenae, Agammemnon's city and the place where Cassandra was taken captive after the fall of Troy according to classical tradition, Wolf shifts pronouns from the third person--"This is where she stoo d" (3), ("Da stand sie" [5])--to the first person in the opening paragraph, as if the voice of the seeress were speaking through her.
On the eve of a civil war, a beautiful young seeress falls dead into the arms of Gordianus the Finder.
Her use of the case history of the German Seeress of Prevorst
I remember once telling a seeress to ask one among the gods who, as she believed, were standing about her in their symbolic bodies, what would come of a charming but seeming trivial labour of a friend, and the form answering, "the devastation of peoples and the overwhelming of cities." (158)
Despite her recognition that Helen is a mere phantom, Cassandra's position as seeress, priestess, and daughter of the King is implicated in her conscious subjugation of others, in her tacit support of the palace's official version of truth.
Jung's great-grandmother had also, it was claimed, been reincarnated as the Seeress of Prevorst.
One made by the Moorish seeress of Badajoz, later recounted by a Spanish gentlewoman aboard ship as it landed three hundred explorers on the Florida coast.
In his `Choice of Herakles' Dio sets up a series of delicate parallels (Herakles being led to his `Choice' by Hermes -- Dio experiencing the `Choice of Herakles' when he is told the story by a Dorian seeress -- Trajan experiencing the `Choice' as Dio retells the story), and in so doing equates himself with Hermes.(14)
The story is told by an age-old seeress who was reared by primeval giants.
For a woman of rank, the only possible profession is that of priestess, seeress. ..."(11)
Melissa, a seeress whom Bradamant finds in Merlin's cave, into which Count Pinabel pushed her.
What saves these frequent pas de trois from looking sexist is that the women are equally active as movers, sometimes like ecstatic victims, but always strong characters, as exemplified by the lone seeress in Arenal (Caty Arteaga the night I saw it).