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leaking out slowly


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A Seeping Wound is a dark story of human cruelty, and an ode to the preeminence of the human spirit.
The oil is seeping from a small area of shoreline at the R.
The comprehensive measures include the construction of a large-scale underground water-shielding barrier with frozen soil around the four crippled reactors to prevent groundwater from seeping and the further increase of toxic water.
Methane and oil are actively seeping from the sediments in several places on Bush Hill, bacterial mats and carbonate outcrops are abundant, as are shallow gas hydrates (Brooks et al.
The National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (NAGCAS) has been successful in receiving funds from the Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching to conduct a seeping study on the topic 'Career Development Learning: Maximising the contribution of Work Integrated Learning to the student experience'.
TERRIFIED residents in a Tyneside block of flats woke early today to find smoke seeping under their doors.
A drop of water falls from a child's fingertip to eventually journey back to the sky, flowing down a mountain, collecting in a bog, seeping through a beaver's dam and more in the process.
The combination of water seeping along the root paths and a strong wind could easily pry out a huge block of your dam when the tree topples.
Over time the gaskets harden and lose their seal, leaving components vulnerable to water seeping into the bay in flight or when the bird's outside on the flight line.
Each liter of water seeping into a cave typically carries between 15 and 50 micrograms of organic carbon, about one-thousandth the concentration that's considered a starvation diet for microbes living at Earth's surface.
The reflective layer of red film covering the reverse of each aluminum shape also introduced a delicacy into the work while giving the impression that the orange tones of the piece on the other side of the wall were seeping through.
Environmental watchdogs want increased scrutiny of groundwater clean-ups at several San Fernando Valley locations, including the Santa Susana Field Lab, because toxic fumes may be seeping into buildings from chemical plumes underground.
The Mars Global Surveyor has shown that alongside the gullies, is seeping groundwater and pressurized flowing liquid water or carbon dioxide.
There is an extensive extraction system at the site but a greenhouse could, for exam-ple, trap methane seeping upwards.
Blood from the animals has been seeping into a small channel and Llyn Cefni, a reservoir supplying half the island's drinking and bathing water, is less than half a mile away.