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Synonyms for seep

Synonyms for seep

to flow or leak out or emit something slowly

Synonyms for seep

pass gradually or leak through or as if through small openings


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In a separate scare, a Birmingham minerals firm has been ordered to take action after waste water from its site in Kings Norton seeped into the River Rea.
8 meters underground, but according to the spokesman of TEPCO last week that, some of the underground water may have seeped over the wall.
As nearly half a year's worth of rain fell in two days, muddy water blocked streets, seeped over doorsills and undermined pavement Wednesday as residents, business people and emergency crews piled up sandbags to try to limit the damage.
Mineral contaminants probably seeped into these bones after burial and displaced the collagen, the scientists say.
But thick smoke had seeped through parts of the block and into several flats as high as the seventh floor.
Movile formed when heated water far beneath Earth's surface seeped up into the limestone rock above," says Kane.
BONE CENSUS The La Brea tar pits probably formed during the last set of ice ages, when petroleum seeped to Earth's surface through fractured rock.
It's a long-term threat, but we need to address it,'' said Lenny Siegel, director of the Center for Public Environmental Oversight, who has worked on sites in Mountain View where chemical fumes seeped into houses.