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  • verb

Synonyms for seep

Synonyms for seep

to flow or leak out or emit something slowly

Synonyms for seep

pass gradually or leak through or as if through small openings


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Pembina anticipates incurring additional capital expenditures of approximately C$100 million (net to Pembina) prior to the end of 2015 in connection with the Transaction in order to complete the construction of SEEP and the associated gathering and delivery system.
When seeps are detected, you are directed to marshal resources, quickly investigate, and report findings to the government in no more than four hours.
And it potentially offered a better way to find and sample cold seeps for the marine geochemists leading the expedition, Dave Valentine of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Chris Reddy of WHOI.
Seep communities occur in areas with saturated soil caused by groundwater reaching the surface in a diffuse flow (White and Madany 1978).
It is an active hydrocarbon seep area supporting chemoautolithotrophic communities that have been studied for various purposes for approximately 20 y.
The most abundant ones are forms of calcium carbonate deposited when mineral-rich waters seep into an open space underground.
As more tales of corrupt lobbying activity seep out of the nation's capital, the GOP is in the midst of damage control.
Through both small-format works produced in the studio and wall paintings made on-site, Boller creates monochromatic organic forms whose tones, in reflecting the light, seep into the space they occupy.
Meantime, the rainstorms from January have allowed perchlorate to seep into a shallow well east of Bouquet Creek and the Santa Clara River.
So, it was very difficult for it not to seep into--it didn't even seep, it immersed itself--into the lyrics of this record.
Humidity also causes formaldehyde gas to seep out of pressed-wood furniture, O'Connell says.
Finding a good setup on a small natural seep located just off Lightning Creek itself really got me energized for the next day's hunt.
Seep A has maximum dimensions of ~2-m wide, ~4-m in length and ~0.
Then the former image begins to seep through the present image.
Changes in building technology when the leaking buildings were constructed in the late 1970s and the 1980s caused water to seep into the roof structures or walls.