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Synonyms for seeker

a person who applies for or seeks something, such as a job or position

Synonyms for seeker

someone making a search or inquiry

a missile equipped with a device that is attracted toward some kind of emission (heat or light or sound or radio waves)

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MIDDLESBROUGH continues to provide shelter for the highest proportion of asylum seekers of any town or city in the UK, new figures show.
The majority are being moved into low cost housing in urban areas such as Glasgow, Stoke, Cardiff and of course Middlesbrough, where the ratio is one asylum seeker per 137 people.
CARDIFF has the fourth highest concentration of asylum seekers in the UK, according to official figures released by the Home Office.
The Seeker provides unparalleled observational capabilities over both austere environments and urban terrain, said Seeker Aircraft CEO David Pohlman.
They are then taken to Liverpool, which is just one of the cities where the Home Office provides accommodation for asylum seekers.
Reports said asylum seekers have sought an order for them to be transported out of Christmas Island to a place where they can receive appropriate care.
The goal of the 2014 Job Fairs is to bring together companies and job seekers alike under one purpose: connecting local career seekers with employers.
Marketing yourself as a job seeker means locating the people who can offer or lead you to opportunities and telling them what you are capable of, over and over.
We're concerned that tagging is associated in the public's mind with criminal behaviour and so it further reinforces the idea that asylum seeker equals criminal.
Some asylum seekers fled countries known for corruption, brutality and the violation of human rights.
But his case also symbolized the drive by the government to reduce the ability of asylum seekers to gain legal status.
Search engines may be one of the most important tools developed for any information seeker.
Ohashi obtained the report as the immigration officials were using it as evidence to support their case against a Kurdish asylum seeker.
An asylum seeker (often confused with illegal immigrant or refugee) is generally taken to mean someone who has fled persecution and has applied for protection in another country.
Employers are still able to contact the job seeker via an anonymous e-mail sent through Dentalworkers.