seek out

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look for a specific person or thing

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His task is to seek out technologies with a reasonably large commercial potential, and then to implement and execute his proven Whole Product Marketing(TM) method against those technologies to ensure their success in commercial markets.
Welcoming Opus CEO Ian Brice and his colleagues to Willis, Joe Plumeri, Chairman and CEO of Willis said, "Our acquisition strategy is to seek out opportunities which will be a good fit with our operations and culture and have strong growth potential.
When contending with circulation woes and the negative affects of Do Not Call Lists to its telemarketing efforts, the Erie (PA) Times-News chose to improve its operational efficiency and seek out hidden revenue streams with assistance from business intelligence (BI) software.
Our secret weapon was our own IT Monitor product, which we used to seek out and destroy the bottlenecks in the PI Server one by one, leading to this massive performance increase.