seeing red

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Synonyms for seeing red

a state of irritation or annoyance

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Steve Credie, managing director of Seeing Red, said: "Homeowners in the South and those over 40 are most at risk of severe shortfalls.
At the time, Ashley was seeing red over frustrations with injuries.
Rhea's "Black, White And Seeing Red All Over," that challenges the myth of the Angry Black Woman syndrome and its alleged anti-male dogma.
From an Associated Press story on IBM: "Big Blue has officials in Chicago seeing red.
GAY PARENTING may have the right wing seeing red, but it has TV producers seeing dollar signs.
Two more Ford penalties, either side of Bath's Matt Banahan and Tigers' Brett Deacon also seeing red, sealed the win.
AND OUTKompany slides in on Nani and (above) trudges off after seeing red s SEEING RED Mancini was angry at Kompany dismissal MISTAKES Ferguson claimed United got careless
But the game only really burst into life with 10 minutes to go, Johnson seeing red for two bookable offences - the second a nasty challenge on Kenny Irons.