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Synonyms for seeing

the faculty of seeing

Synonyms for seeing

normal use of the faculty of vision

having vision, not blind

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'Don't you think that a desperate errand?' said the King, 'seeing they are so dangerous, and no one has ever yet ventured to go against them?'
While Rostov was thus arguing with himself and riding sadly away, Captain von Toll chanced to ride to the same spot, and seeing the Emperor at once rode up to him, offered his services, and assisted him to cross the ditch on foot.
Seeing that Lady Arabella was secretly following Adam, he was confirmed in this idea.
He therefore missed seeing that Adam branched off the track and returned to the high road.
Seeing him, I felt that I was in a dangerous strait indeed, and I kept my eyes upon him.
In the excited and exalted state of my brain, I could not think of a place without seeing it, or of persons without seeing them.
Consciousness is thus "nonreflexive": I do not hear myself speaking any more than I see myself seeing. Empty and transparent, consciousness traverses itself without ever finding anything in its p ath to stop it on the way to its object.
We're not seeing deals being made 15 to 20 percent over the asking price, which was very disheartening for retailers, not only those that won the location but those that lost.
Young, predominantly female, audience members, seeing the film at a highly impressionable time of life, were drawn to the irresistible blend of glamour, intense work, love, and sacrifice represented by Victoria Page, the beauteous ballerina who seemed to have everything but couldn't hold on to it.
Whatever else can be said about seeing, we can say that temperament and culture qualify what we are worn to see, make us unconsciously predict what we wish to see.
"Even way back then I was really interested in different ways of seeing," Jenkins said, recalling this dance recently.
1, In Perpetuum to two compositions by Arvo Part, and Seeing Stars to Dohnanyi's "Variations on a Nursery Song." Both Hart and Tomasson are intrigued by Caniparoli's choices, and Hart adds, "Of all the young choreographers I've worked with.
Given the impossibility of seeing both figures simultaneously, recognition depends here on a seesaw between past and future, memory and anticipation.
Children are also seeing fewer food and drink adverts using cartoon and film characters, offering free gifts and making health claims, but more with celebrities, Ofcom found.