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Synonyms for seedy

Synonyms for seedy

Synonyms for seedy

full of seeds


shabby and untidy


Related Words

somewhat ill or prone to illness

morally degraded

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uk Canton Community Garden Group and Cardiff in Bloom host their third Seedy Saturday at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff on February 22.
To take part in this year's Seedy Sunday event, simply bring items to swap - harvested seeds or unwanted tools, for example - and turn up ready to exchange your goods.
They are exploited, often from a early age, selling themselves for their next fix of drugs and never managing to escape the seedy side of life and enjoy the normal trappings of life.
The author also examines the seedy underbelly of gambling and organized crime that brainy gamblers sometimes encounter.
In Bow Mar, Colorado, residents of an exclusive community came face-to-face with activity more common in seedy communities.
Harry Potter fans will relish the Edge Chronicles: it'll reach a younger age group but pack in adventure, here telling of a librarian's skyship struck down in a seedy side of town and facing slavery as an employee of the evil Vox.
We wonder whether this is the seedy flotsam from a drug-fueled party or a magic carpet that will transport us to alcoholic heaven.
Sunflowers already supply seedy snacks and oil that's great for cooking fries.
30pm)DRUGS,a brutal assault and the seedy side of the model industry are laid bare in this episode of the hit crime drama.
The Frenchwoman, stricken with breast cancer that has spread to her bones and lungs, has traveled to Switzerland to die, and spends her last morning in a seedy Zurich cafe drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and cutting up her credit card.
Dante eventually hooks up with an old friend, a seedy hustler named Scamz.
FOOTBALLERS' Wives star John Forgeham - exposed by the Sunday People for trawling seedy Philippines bars for teenage girls - has incredibly claimed he was trying to SAVE the youngsters from vice.
Porn has moved out of a few segregated public spaces, the seedy book shops and triple-X theaters, and become ubiquitous on the web, on cable, in neighborhood video shops.
And I pity the mothers with children who have to stand and wait in bus shelters adorned with pictures of semi-naked women advertising the same seedy haunts.
Better still visit Porto, seedy but charming and spectacular, torn to pieces in an orgy of 'improvement'.